U.S. Paranormal Threat Force

Last Updated: 10/08/17

Old US Paranormal Threat Force

For as long as the US has had a military, there has been a Paranormal Threat Force. They were one of the few agencies that have always known of the supernatural. The last incarnation of this agency was a combined operation where candidates were asked to step into the role from the more traditional armed forces.

As the USA split, this force went private. The Paranormal Threat Force, then began recruiting on it’s own, and taking on paid mercenary work. They had never been a large force, mostly as small platoons or squads.

In this new privatized incarnation the PTF has a central home office in Washington DC. They sent small units all over the world, when feasible. Travel in the new world was tough, so this was usually confined to North and South America.

They recruit out of colleges, which where they recruited me. I have just recently learned that they are called “Execution Squads” by the fey. I don’t think they are necessarily wrong, but I don’t remember for sure.

I will add more as I remember it.

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