Models wanted

Elias called me a couple of days ago. He seemed a little upset. He had a person he found who was ill. The lady claimed to be a model from a local modeling agency, and to be 24. However, she looked to be easily 80.


Have I ever mentioned that Elias reminds me of a 1970s police detective?

Elias believed her, he tracked down who she claims to be and it is a younger woman who hasn’t been seen for a few days. He also noted that this happened five years ago, and five years before that. Pretty women who were models would disappear, only to reappear old, decrepit and dying.

Evidently five years ago he came across a similar situation, but was reluctant because of how unreal it seemed. The lady passed away of old age before he could prove it. So now it seems Elias is feeling personal about this. Especially when he realized at the very minimum it had happened five years before that as well.

So I followed up and interviewed the lady. She is whip-smart, even in her advanced age. I realized she was a model who knew what she was doing. You see the same thing in the dancing field. There are women, I do think of myself as one of them, who use it to make money and go where they want to go. “Mandy” (that is what I will call her for her privacy) is exactly like that.


Still a hot woman

She told me she went down to a local photographer who had set up a shoot with her. The next thing she knew, she was on the side of the road, old, in pain and desperate.

I have to say though, Mandy was holding her shit together. Here was a lady who was 24 or 25, who found herself in her late 80s and at the end of life. She was upset, but holding on like a tigress. It makes me so happy when I see other women who can hold their shit together.

So Kylo, Elias and I all went down to the photography studio (name redacted to protect the stupid). We arrived inside and approached the owner. We could tell something was off and secured him for a short while, until he started whipping magic out, mostly in the form of wards.

Fuck him I said!!! 

We chased him down and tried to stop him outside on the sidewalk, I nailed him with a taser and it bounced off his field. He then turned into a motherfucking demon. A 10 foot tall, broad ass demon.


This doesn’t do him justice

We laid into him hard. I burned a stone taking him down. This was unusual, it almost never takes more then one lightning bolt, let alone enough power for 20 of them. It also took Kylo emptying a clip and Elias shooting all the shots in his pistol.

I called Piper and had him come out (he is charging Austin City separately). He confirmed it is a REAL MOTHERFUCKING DEMON. Not a halfblood, not someone who found themselves accidently on the other side, but a full demon with some sort of implant in his heart that keeps him here.

Well it turns out he wasn’t completely dead, so we had to finish him off, and Piper took the device before we did finish him, because everything of his vanished on his death. We got back and I scanned the studio. The demon has been here a long time, using the magic for his “demon cameras” and for himself. I think he has been taking energy off all his clients and every five years he has to do a ritual. It doesn’t look like he will be doing it again though.

We got back and I talked with Mandy and her roommate. After talking with Hunter and trying to figure out “the right thing to do” I offered to reduce Mandy’s age. Of course I told her I would want payment, and it will be a good payment, but I need to accept I probably would do it for free if needed. Damn this new conscience thing.

So Mandy and her roommate both are going to use my services. Her roommage is 28 and I am going to drop her down to 18-19 in looks to give her more years in the business. Same with Mandy, but I am going to wait a week until she uses this being aged business and me healing her for publicity.

Shit, this probably means I am on the news… actually that has been confirmed I am public again.

That is ok, I think I might pursue this. I never considered my age reduction spells as a way to make money, but shit it sounds like its worth a lot of money. I need to buy a palatial estate with many servants… ok let’s be honest I need vacation places, I don’t think I am moving away from Mason.

About agirlushouldknow

A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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