Unexpected Origins

Things have certainly started to get interesting here. Over the last two weeks I have had the following happen:

I was given a genetic test via magic by the Red Order to determine what my non-human blood is (the blood that allows me to cast magic). It turns out it is an Empousa, or a “Daughter of Hecate”.  I haven’t done the proper research to determine what the actual historical/demonological background is, so the attached link is a “rough” first copy.

Here is what I initially have found:

The empousai are the beautiful daughters of the goddess Hecate and the spirit Mormo. They feast on the blood of seduced men as they slept. Empousai are created by combining together dark magic, animal, and bronze.

Empousai are pictured as wearing brazen slippers and bearing flaming hair. The name is said to mean “one-footed.” This is because they are a one-legged hybrid, with a donkey’s leg and a Celestial Bronze prosthetic leg.

There is species of Hecatean demon called an empuse or empousa. The empusai are sent by Hecate to guard roads and devour travelers. According to some records, the empusai ran and hid, uttering a high-pitched scream at the sound of insults.

While I was there I did pick up five draughts of healing, leaving two in the truck, one with Khylo, one with Monica and one on me. I figure those are the most likely locations if shit hits the fan, plus I like Khylo and Monica and its sort of a safety blanket.

The club is going well. Mitch is a lot more friendly, and the girls have all fallen into a comfortable pattern. So that is refreshing for me.

Benson and Spike are working out well as FWB. When I was last with Benson though I discovered something about my shape changing. We were joking around about his living under a bridge (he is a troll) and I got on my hands and knees, baring my ass to him and I started bleating sexually.

He seemed very amused and we started playing around when I discovered I could shift into fur. I have since discovered I can shift pretty much into anything humanoid, including furry anthropomorphic creatures. This could be really good for dancing, and for playtime. I haven’t tried shifting genders yet, that one is a lot different then what I normally have done, same with things that are larger or smaller than me. I need to test those out in the future.

Finally, and most importantly I was awoken a few nights ago to a firefight. I will give a more detail writeup, but the basics were that a pack of vampires were trying to reach the city center where I saw flickers of light.

Their whole purpose was to get there and complete a ritual that would change them, make them more powerful. One of them even got through and did change. Fortunately the whole town was there.

Hunter and all of his dogs, Jessie was calling down priestly powers onto the vampires… yes the elves evidently have more than Abraxas to call on. We talked about that later and I haven’t determined what I will commit to writing about what she told me.

We stopped the vampires and I was told that I was right all along. There is a well of power below the ground there and the town basically defends it from bad things that come here. That would explain why so many weird things come here, it is a point of power, that is also on top of some ley lines. I am going to have to do more research about this.

I was really a bit perturbed when I found out everyone lied to me. But I have to agree that they were right to be suspicious of an “ex-Executioner” mage showing up and claiming to not remember anything. I think they are satisfied now that I am not lying to them.

So my goal between now and my next update:

  1. Continue studying magic, eventually goal after lightning is to bring my memory back and then focus on body magic.
  2. Practice shapeshifting, see what limits I have (fur, gender, size, etc). Also figure out what the shapeshifting gives me, do I gain any of their abilities or is it purely just physical.
  3. Research the well/ley lines in the area. Determine how I can tap them.
  4. Look for work.
  5. Look for ways to entertain myself while in Mason. I have a lot of opportunities to do that in Austin, but I think I am a little “too much” for most people in Mason to find anyone to play with.

Stay tuned for more.

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Burnt Cherry Flavored Vampire

This weekend was more exciting than I anticipated. I think my weekends (or weeks) were just as exciting in the past, it felt familiar.

Friday morning I went into the University of Austin for my MRI. I spent a couple hours there and learned that there are many damaged portions of my brain, including huge black spots in my amigydala, which is evidently where some sentient creatures are active when using magic.

I talked about it with the students who ran the test. They had some great feedback, and indicated that memories are not kept in specific locations, and instead of this erasing memories, it may have been an attempt to prevent me access to the memories instead.Maybe it can be fixed, or I might be like this forever. I let Rose know and she was so angry for me. What it does mean is that my memories are still there.

I then went over to Piper’s book shop to turn in my books. Talk about a weird public library feeling I get. We spoke about magic and he showed me his magic book room. He offered me the use of more of his books. I can choose what I want to learn now that I am starting from scratch. For the next couple of hours I hung around, flirted with him and took books on combat, body magic and research. We will see what seems to work for me.

Piper himself is interesting. Being half demon, with black veiny skin on pale body with black eyes. He is self conscious about how he looks, but he shouldn’t be. He is in good shape and very smart. He has been nice to me so far, and there is a paranoid part of me that wants to know what he really wants. If its a piece of my ass, that is fine, if he is just a nice guy that is more awkward

After I left Piper’s I secured some pizza and headed to the art flophouse that Cy hid at. I was met by Benson the troll at the door and I fed them, thanked the whole group. The house is less of a homeless flophouse and more of an art collective. There I met an older elf who was avoiding the elves in Dallas, a fairy who likes sugar on her pizza and is evidently a good artist, and several others that came and went.

I then invited Benson back to my hotel where we went and fucked before falling asleep, only to be followed up with early morning sex. It was worth it, and I have found myself a friend with benefit. I woudn’t say the most skilled, but definitely interested and he is an attractive troll with the correct body part I wanted to touch. It was pretty awesome the sized difference between us, and he seemed to be happy to be with someone so much smaller then him. His hands fit completely around my waist.

I was in an incredibly good mood after that. I had two great dance sets, lots of tips and things were looking up. Kylo showed up with news, Cherry the stripper I suspected of being bad, was a greater vampire and she had indeed been hunting people. Evidently she had been taking her victim’s money, killing them and eating them. Kylo wanted to know if I was up for a hunt. Of course, her ass is mine, and not in a hotel bedroom way.

We went to Randall’s house. A large woman who used to date the other guy who had his brain scrambled and died recently. She seemed still hurt by his loss when she heard I was the same as him and Kylo with the memory loss.

She had a Huntress altar and gave me a brief rundown on what happens. Personally I don’t see it, but I don’t trust in some divine being helping me so maybe it is a mutual thing. She is also a very good hunter who was easy to work with.

We tracked Angel down to her little crypt like box, pulled her out with a winch on the truck into the daylight and finished her off. Was also able to pick up some extra valuables from her house.

An approximation of Cherry’s change before she died. Evidently Japanese have legends of vampires too

I then got home to dick pics from Benson, talked with Rose about what happened with everything and got feedback from her. I am missing her a lot. I get the impression I relied on her a lot emotionally when I was working. Also, she really likes the pics, what a total slut. hahahah.

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Some Studying

It has been quiet the last few weeks, mostly with myself getting used to the new location, and desperately trying to figure out what happened.

That being said it has been quiet for those weeks except for the following:

My window at the Red Door looks on the town square and the old building there. I notice sometimes that when I am seeing that square that there are sparkles, especially in the morning and evening, as if something magic or illusionary is happening. However, if I looked at the square directly, there was nothing.

Mason City Center

So last week my curiosity got to me and I went over there as the sun was going down. I sat in the pokey grass and just laid there hoping I would sense, feel or see something. Of course nothing happened, and after awhile Sheriff Hunter rolled around and got out walking over to me. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t dead, and that if I was drunk he would help me back to me room.

He sat and talked with me for awhile, that was a nice feeling, then he went back to duty and I got up, and walked back up to my room, with no more information then I started, other than he is a cute older guy.

Also the Abraxas priestess got back to me. She recommended me to go visit a man who owns a bookstore and has access to tomes. He might be able to help. At this moment I will redact his name just in case.

The man is a half demon, also attractive even if veiny. He had me go over in detail everything I have been through and thinks after some testing that I have not lost my abilities. Small miracles right?

He was kind enough to loan me some basic magic tomes so I can start studying again. I don’t think it will take too long to go through them. He also said my memories may come back as a flood, a trickle over a long period, or not at all. Not sure what is the better choice there myself.

So for the last week I have been reading. I also am curious how far I can push the shapeshifting. So I break my days up into exploring the area, studying magic, practicing shifting, with weekend excursions to dance for money and get laid. I suspect this will be my

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Cy’s Run

I got a call at 5am at my hotel room in Austin from Monica. Monica from the Red Door Inn, in Mason. It was a large surprise, but I could tell the second I heard her voice that she was upset.

5 am is bullshit!

She explained to me that her god daughter Cy was in trouble. Cy is a banshee, an elven variant that is very emaciated in appearance and who can possibly kill someone with their voice. Evidently the legends of Banshee are partially right, but instead of foretelling death, they are death.

Monica didn’t know exactly what happened, but it involved Cy being attacked and somehow killed the human that attacked her. The Austin Defense Force was looking for her, and they are reputed to be kill on sight kind of people, so she gave me the flop-house address of where Cy was staying and asked if I could bring her home to Monica and Brent.

She was scared of what was going to happen to Cy, she was scared that I would say no, and I even got the feeling she might be a little bit anxious that I might say yes. My being an “Executioner” evidently carries a lot of baggage for non-humans. However, she thought I might be the only one she knew with the skills to get Cy out of Austin and back to Mason. Monica is too sweet and I couldn’t say no. I agreed immediately that I would get her home.

I got dressed, slipped into my vehicle and drove over. The flop-house was an abandoned house in a run down part of the non-human area of Austin. I made sure my pistol and rifle were loaded. I didn’t anticipate needing them, but the last thing I would want to happen is to need them and not have them handy.

I got out of the vehicle, walked up to the flop house and just knocked loudly. A large troll like guy came out and refused to let me in. He was young, a bit nervous but very protective over those inside. It took some convincing but eventually he told Cy I was there, and in my hearing she called Monica to confirm.

I had to show them I could shift my looks a bit to prove who I was, but they still wouldn’t let me in. So I waited until Cy left the house. She is tall, very slender, white haired wearing jeans, t-shirt and boots that look way too big for her. We introduced each other and headed back to the car. As I left I could hear the troll telling the people inside he didn’t think I was a bad person, evidently he likes my “assets”. He was cute enough though.


Cy briefly explained what happened. She went out with a friend of her’s who was on a date. Her friend’s date brought another friend and it was that awkward four person arrangement when two people are dating and walk off, leaving the two people that don’t know each other sitting there.

The human male evidently pushed Cy to go back to his room, or go out somewhere else. She didn’t want to do that and told him no. He pushed her, she punched him and he attacked with his friends. The typical sexual harassment/assault situation. Except this time the victim has the ability to kill people with a shriek, which she did. She then ran back to her college dorm, grabbed her stuff and ran.

I reassured her that she did nothing wrong, the humans deserved it. Unfortunately Austin Defense Force won’t see it that way. Her best bet would be jail forever, but they would probably kill her while apprehending her. After all, they would consider her too dangerous to allow to roam.

I also told her about myself, that way there would be no surprises later. She was a bit alarmed at first, but seemed to agree that I probably had the skills to take care of her. I talked her for a while before we left. It felt like trying to calm a deer. She recovered soon enough that and we left.

I had her hide herself in the back of my vehicle, she was able to fold herself up with her skinny body and hide. We passed the checkpoint with no issues at all and I headed south towards Houston. We drove several miles south before I stopped and had her go into the store with me to get food/drinks.

With her not being in my car when I left the checkpoint, I can say that I picked her up hitchhiking on the Red Road and took her the Houston. The footage at the store should support that.

We then took the back way around to the Houston/Mason road and drove her to her new home. There we met up with Monica, Brent and Sheriff Hunter. They all asked her questions, and all accepted her story and her place here. I had suggested she might be able to take Virginia’s position. After all she is an art student and the owner is looking to find someone to give the place to.

After that, Sheriff Hunter and I walked over to Nachos so he could buy me something to drink. He was a Texas Ranger back in the day and I was good, I resisted any urge to call him Chuck Norris. I told him where I am from and what I do. I flirted a little with him and we called it a day after a 17 year old kid wanted to know if the Sheriff could arrest one of their other friends, some sort of teenage fight.

Rough image of Sheriff Hunter.

Although everyone in the town is still a bit standoffish. Monica said that is my “executioner” past and that everyone will get over it.

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I went out last weekend and got a part time job to help offset my lack of working for the government. I got a job at the strip-club called “Artie’s”.

General dance area.

It is a place that caters to the paranormal and they only hire people who can dance and engage with those kind of people. The manager of the place is Mitch Novak, or just “Mitch” said with an eye-rolling screech by the girls when they are annoyed.

Mitch was clear that he doesn’t put up with hooking, or rolling the customers. That is fine with me. He is also fairly standoffish and gruff. We will see how that goes. I don’t think he was so sure about me when I came in, but my shifting ability seemed to please him.

The job is to dance every Saturday night. There are going to be five of us and we will each do a couple of sets. The money is really good, way more than enough to support me out in Mason, rent a hotel one night a week in Austin and pay for my hunting/other work.

There are four other girls.

Roxy, a blue haired, dark skinned elf. She is older, far older than she looks but she acts more motherly to Spike. She tingles, meaning she probably has some magic but nothing too evident.

Chastity, a hedge witch that was concerned about my amnesia. She is skilled mostly in illusions that she uses in her acts. She has a kid and is friendly.

Spike – a very young 19 year old demon girl with small horns, reddish skin and is full of trouble. She is a dom in her other job and dresses in leather and spikes. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. There is nothing intimidating about her, I just want to take her home, feed her milk and cookies and snuggle.

Cherry – an unaging human-like creature with red eyes. She is quiet, doesn’t engage with us and takes customers home at night. There is something about the way she moves that tickles the back of my mind. I am absolutely sure she is a danger and we might be better off if I end her, but I can’t remember.

After her act I did approach Mitch and expressed my concern. Of course he didn’t believe me, I can’t really blame him but it is frustrating. She is a danger, or maybe I am crazy. Either way I am fairly sure this is going to end badly.

I eventually got back to the hotel room and crashed after my first dance set in 18 years (unless I danced with the government, which I doubt).

I will add pictures of the other girls later, there were too many things going on and I never got around to it.

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U.S. Paranormal Threat Force

Last Updated: 10/08/17

Old US Paranormal Threat Force

For as long as the US has had a military, there has been a Paranormal Threat Force. They were one of the few agencies that have always known of the supernatural. The last incarnation of this agency was a combined operation where candidates were asked to step into the role from the more traditional armed forces.

As the USA split, this force went private. The Paranormal Threat Force, then began recruiting on it’s own, and taking on paid mercenary work. They had never been a large force, mostly as small platoons or squads.

In this new privatized incarnation the PTF has a central home office in Washington DC. They sent small units all over the world, when feasible. Travel in the new world was tough, so this was usually confined to North and South America.

They recruit out of colleges, which where they recruited me. I have just recently learned that they are called “Execution Squads” by the fey. I don’t think they are necessarily wrong, but I don’t remember for sure.

I will add more as I remember it.

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Basic Information on Texas (Austin)

Last Updated: 10/08/17

The world has changed greatly since the 2010s. In 2020 the “Concolation” happened, unleashing magic into the world, birthing gods, and revealing others like the fey races.

Since the 2020s, the Concolation has been winding up, with increased paranormal events. This has stretched the united states to it’s limits. Like many larger countries, the USA split into several small countries.

The Eastern Seaboard and the West coast split into their own “Multi-state” countries. Because of Texas’ size, it has split into it’s own self governing state. Most states are dealing with the aftermath of this split economically.

The state of Texas is most of the focus in this blog. With the influx of other races, notably the fey, the Fey have continued to settle in Dallas, and Texas in general. Dallas has a roughly 50% human population, with the bulk of the rest made up of Fey races.


Austin is not a walled city like Houston or Dallas, but does have a large Austin Defense Militia force that acts as backup for the more mundane police force, and do patrols around Austin’s borders. There are accusations of abuse of power, but overall, the Austin Defense Militia is a good organization, that really does act as a first line against threats, paranormal or otherwise, that threaten Austin.

Austin has kept it’s somewhat liberal reputation in Texas. Unlike Dallas, Austin fought paranormal registry via legislation, and spearheaded the repeal in Texas legislature.

Texas as a whole is still one unit. Dallas was a free city state for several decades, but with the collapse of the anti fey legislation, was reabsorbed into Texas as a whole.

Most goods and personal travel have moved from trucking to rail. Austin is a major rail hub for Texas, and is where most imported goods land first. As travel became less safe, railroad travel is having a new golden age.

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