The Weekend: Part 2 “Shot by an Assassin”

You heard that right folks, I was fucking shot by an assassin the same weekend Rose showed up. I will tell you know that I am both eternally grateful to Paz for saving me, and to Spike for taking down the asshole who did that.

Let me rewind for a minute. We had just finished dropping off the kid we had escorted from Houston the night before (Friday night). The of course is the weekend with the same incident with the scorpion. Rose and I then wandered around town enjoying ourselves and found that evidently I had made the news. We didn’t think anything about it at all, but we should have.

Saturday night rolls up and I go to the club to dance. It is funny, Rose, Piper, Hunter and even Kylo keep asking me why do I bother to still dance. I make more money with magic. I think part of me its a routine that doesn’t involve others and ties me back before I lost my memory, but that could also just be a lot of armchair psychology and maybe I am just a slut.

So my number starts and I notice this freak sitting up against the stage. He just stares at me during my whole set. I get that creepy vibe, but this isn’t new. It actually happens quite frequently and I don’t think he is a match for me, so I don’t think about it anymore.

Earlier in the night it was quiet

I come out for my second set and I start dancing. I notice the guy stand up and I am just assuming he is going to do something inappropriate when I see him pull a pistol out. My first instinct is to stun him with lightning, but that does absolutely no good and that is when he shoots me. You heard it right, shoots me solid in the upper chest. Next thing I know I am on the ground bleeding, looking for Rose to pull her aside and we get behind one of the bars.

At this point Spike just steps forward howling in joy. A whip appears out of nowhere and wraps around his head. At some point she has him down and cuts his head off with a knife. Meanwhile everyone runs out, and the girls go get Paz who heals me. I think my wound was pretty serious, Paz joked about it and wouldn’t talk too much, but the paleness she had on her face when she saw me gave away more then her talking. 

I wish I could say Spike wasn’t this cute, but she really is.

The cops are all over Spike but I tell the cops what happened and that there was no head (by the way, Spike had removed the guys head and given it to me to find information with magic later). The cops distrust Spike but have to leave her alone.

Eventually I call Hunter to tell him I am ok and he is so angry on the phone. Not with me, it is that useless anger that you can’t do anything. He tells me to stay in town and I do. We go hang with Piper, Rose and I. Meanwhile Kylo goes searching our condo to double check no one else is there.

After a romp with Piper and Rose I feel more like myself and I cast some of my magic on the head and find that my old team commanders had seen me on the news and sent him after me. I then get back to Hunter and do more magic on the head (much to Hunter’s annoyance that I do things like that) and find more details.

First, I did take the account numbers out of the assassin’s head of the $200,000 he was given as a down payment to kill me. The accountant is going to run those through some offshore accounts and give me 180k (keeping 10%, which is a good deal for me).

I also found that my old commanders are super angry with me. Evidently I had a plan in action that when they messed with my head and sent me away, it fucked them over financially. I don’t even remember what I did, but it makes me happy with my old self that she thought of that.

Meanwhile Hunter is very very angry that someone attacked me, and the rest of the town is very concerned. So much for keeping things quiet… however it is nice to have people evidently care enough about me. I guess I have been here for quite a while. I also feel warm and fuzzy that Hunter got so angry. I don’t  know how serious we are, he hasn’t really talked about it, he just lets me keep clothing here at his house, but I wonder if it is serious with how he reacted.

During all of this time Rose and I are talking. She wants to strike out on her own and away from a corporation working on weapons. She wants to develop prosthetics that she wants, not that the military wants. I took her around here and she was dumbfounded by how cheap it is. She may sell her stuff in New York, come down here buy a place and live down here with us. That would mean so much to me, but I am trying not to put any pressure. 

We figure she could work down here on her own projects for two years. Once the two years are up, her NDA is over and she can be a consultant and sell her stuff. She will always be rich even on what she has made so far, but this might allow her to put stuff out there to help people. Maybe she can even work a way to work with the Red Order healers. That is probably not, but you never know what happens in the future.

So that is my weekend, scorpions, being shot, sex, taking a lot of money from those trying to shoot me, and maybe having Rose come live with us in Mason. I call it a good weekend.


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The Weekend – Part 1: Scorpion Love

The first weekend that Rose has been here has been the most action-packed weekend I have had. I think she may have a skewed view of my life, or maybe I do thinking it’s fairly slow.

Piper called and he asked if me if I could pick up Jenny and her son (I can never remember that kids name for the life of me). Of course, I agreed. It might only be $500, and I may have to split it with Kylo (I promised him I would start taking him with me), but for a few hours’ trip over two days it isn’t bad. I figure it is also good advertising for me and Kylo.

Rose was incredibly excited and I can’t blame her. She has never been out in the wilds like this. So, we got her in some armor just in case there is a fight. I realize it is over protective and paranoid but I would rather be crazy then dead. We then got in the truck.

At least we could keep cool in our armor plated truck

We headed out to Houston, Rose was excited for a while, then the boredom of driving took over for a couple hours. That is until the traffic stopped. There was honking, flashing lights, something was going on.

I am one to never be left out of things so I drove up closer and I saw the biggest fucking scorpion I had ever seen. I don’t mean a large couple of foot long scorpion, I am talking a giant, size of a cow or bigger scorpion. It was in the middle of the road, taking up multiple lanes. No one dared try to drive past.

It took up almost the whole freeway.

Rose’s eyes got huge, but I have to say she never shrank away. She has metal in her, I think if she didn’t she wouldn’t have gotten through school and done it while dancing.

Meanwhile both Kylo and I get out of the car. Years of working together kicked in and while I don’t recall our missions we both took positions that felt practiced for thousands of hours. We moved up on the scene, hearing some fighting going on.

There are several of the Red Order samurai or whatever they call themselves fighting. They are using swords, a few guns but not really. I don’t blame them necessarily; the scorpion seems really armored and while they might be ok with guns, it seems to be bouncing off pretty often. Kylo immediately does his gun thing and starts working the scorpion. The Red Order doesn’t seem to notice too much, but once again the scorpion is shrugging off a lot of their attacks. However, you know what scorpion armor doesn’t protect against? Electricity.

I started laying into the scorpion with lightning. I hadn’t done it full bore like this repeatedly so I had to adjust as I was going. I am glad though that I have been practicing. The Red Order almost jumped out of their skins when the first bolt hit the scorpion. Two of them turned towards me and for a moment I thought I might have to put them down, but then they obviously realized I was with them and went back to work.

The scorpion was pretty tough, but with my lightning, Kylo’s well placed shots, and the Order’s swords cutting of parts we got the scorpion down on the ground and finally dead.

I still couldn’t hear well because of so many lightning bolts exploding and the loud gunfire of Kylo next to me, but a lot of people around us just stared at us in awe. They mostly looked at me, probably because the lightning was the flashiest part, after all this is Texas and they all have seen guns. Evidently lightning casting women are new though.

James the leader of the Red Order, and the same cute half-elf I saw on my first trip to Houston was walking over towards me. While he did that, I called out to Rose and asked her if she wanted to look at the scorpion. I didn’t even get three words out before she was out of the truck and over with a little pack. Meanwhile I carved off a few pieces for myself, trinkets are always nice. Maybe Paz had a use for it.

Rose walked right over to a young human guy that was ordering James and the rest to start cleanup. She took the young human’s sword right out of his hand, his mouth was just making a gulping fish face in surprise as this tiny attractive woman climbed up on the scorpion, hacked off its tail, several other pieces and packed them all in her pack.

I haven’t ever seen Rose work, but watching her I could tell she loved doing the science stuff. She is in charge at her work and you could tell she was used to being in charge because she kept directing Red Order members to do things for her, and they did without thinking about it (but with the most surprised looks on their faces).

Eventually James and the Leader both were talking to me and asking about my magic. They were waiting for some trackers so they could find out where the scorpion came from. I gave them a huge smile and told them I had investigation magic and I could do that to them. They seemed skeptical but agreed.

 I did a history spell, and found where the scorpion came from.

At least they understand magic and I didn’t have to put on a show.

We drove out there, although they were skeptical until we got there. When we found the location, I cast some more spells and found the scorpion was a single scorpion that just had the bad luck to be caught in a mana swell, transforming it into the giant scorpion. No plots, no enemies, just the wild. It was funny though, the Order looked disappointed that they couldn’t go attack someone.

James and the Leader paid me 10k and went on their way after I gave them my business card. They seemed mildly interested. Oh, and the leader wasn’t a kid. He was a human that had eaten an apple years ago so he kept his youth. We talked about the apple a little, and I found evidently they can still be made to look older or younger after the apple, that is good if I can find Rose and Kylo apples, otherwise we will just use the Elf collars to keep them young.

We eventually got to Houston, picked up the mom and her son. He was excited, he had seen me on the news (this is an important fact in my second entry later today). Evidently not many people had seen a woman who could attack a scorpion with lightning, so now he wants to learn lightning from Piper eventually. I just smiled, offered him a chunk of scorpion carapace and took them to Piper.

We retired for the day with Kylo and I each richer by $250 for the ride. I also split the payment of $10,000 from the Order with Kylo as well. So at the end of the day we had each made $5,250. I am comfortable starting my wages at that. 

Then we just went on to prepare for the evening and dancing. However, that is a different story that I will tell later.

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I can’t make this entry very long, things are busy and I need to get back to life. However, I did want to mention Rose is here. It is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me in my actual memory.

She came in via train yesterday and we had a great time. I picked her up and took her on a tour of everyone I know. Piper was nice to her, both of them are smart enough to get along though so that isn’t too much of a surprise. Benson and Daisy were kind enough to her, and Paz was super sweet for the few minutes we had time to visit.

I suspect Rose doesn’t necessarily believe Paz or the rest of us about the instant healing fully, but I can’t blame her. I didn’t either.

We then went back to my home and on our way in there we saw thousands of butterflys circling the park where the well sits. They were beautiful and made of magic. The well was shunting power out and it manifested in the most beautiful way I could think of. I think Rose was overwhelmed by that. We just laid on the well in the middle of them. It was something out of a movie or anime.

Not the best picture from laying on the ground, but still pretty spectacular

We talked with Hunter while we were there for a couple of hours. I think Hunter was unsure of the situation. She started yawning a lot and I realized how much she had done today so I took her home and tucked her into bed.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Rose. I realize it is partially because she is a link to so much of my life I am missing, but also it just feels right to be near her and have her in my life.

That is all for now, I have so much going on, and so little time right now to report it. Don’t worry though, I will be back.

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Working with the police

It has been an incredibly busy month. My life has been a whirlwind of studying, shape changing and doing small jobs for others. I did do a spell with Kylo, seeing what we were like together, how our relationship was. I don’t think I will write about my feelings yet though, that brought a lot of things up I have to think about.

Since that is a no go, the next biggest thing lately has been working with the police on small cases.

I have done it twice now. The first I already talked about at that homestead. The second was an even smaller effort on my part, but I think it is securing me regular, well paid work.

The detective called me again. This time he needed to know where a laptop was. They had arrested a person and had not been able to find the information that person kept on their laptop. They knew I can find things and asked if I could come in.

It was relatively simple, I performed a history spell on the guy and rewound it to find that the laptop was hidden in the kitchen. I also rewound it far enough back to watch him type the password in. I didn’t tell the detective that though.

So we got out there, I did my little show. I don’t need to do all that, but people become reluctant to believe me if I just know something, the whole use of ritual seems to give people a reason to believe me. Funny isn’t it.

We got the laptop out and they found they couldn’t access it. I volunteered, to do a  one time only for free service and to do a spell to get the laptop password. I already knew it from the history spell, but I figure this makes them understand even more how valuable my services are.

I did a little ritual, gave them the password and collected my $5k. I think I can push this type of work into a very lucrative job, not just with the police of course.

So there it is, my financial future is definitely solidifying. That makes me happy.

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Today was both exhausting, and a little bit exhilerating.

First, I finally developed the spell Recall Memory. This means I can recover my actual memories. The disadvantage is I can do it one single sliver at a time. This means it will take years to get back a patchwork quilt of memories, but still limited.. but it is better then nothing.

Second, Piper arranged for me to have an entry level job working with the police. Not as a cop itself, but as a consultant for them. This time it was a missing kid, and her crazy religious father.

At some point the girl’s parents separated. The father is a hardcore religious nut that likes to live off the land. The mother wants some sort of normality for her daughter. This resulted in the normal domestic issues and a divorce and restraining order were put into place.

Evidently a week or two ago the father took the daughter and disappeared, leaving no trace of him or the girl. So the Detective called me and asked me to come in. He seemed skeptical, but he believes Piper when Piper told him I was the best choice. He seems like a nice enough man, but evidently he is normally a homicide detective, so the whole missing person’s gig is a personal debt he owes none other than Pazi. Yes the Red Order girl  I keep flirting with.

She shows up too, evidently her shotgun and herself are ready to rescue the little girl. I think it surprised her I was there. I didn’t realize healers could also shoot people, seems a little schizophrenic to me as an outlook for a healing god, but I am not one to judge.

The spell was simple, the detective had a hair comb and a stuffed animal, the tracking spell lead us out into the desert onto some weird religious nut homestead.

During the drive I noticed how different Pazi’s hair was. To be honest I have never really tried someone of her heritage (african american) hair type. I reached up and touched it and at first she got all in my face about racism, but I think she realized it was me trying to figure out how to mimic that hair and she relaxed and gave me a huge smile. She then let me touch her hair without being annoyed or stopping me.

Just as we arrived at the homestead I readied some spells just in case, but didn’t detect anyone else other than the father and the daughter.

We walked up, the father came out and refused to comply. The father also had a gun, but he didn’t expect I could taser with my lightning and he went down pretty quick. The girl was dressed up like some cult homestead religion and she just broke down crying when she realized she was safe.

She was angry with her father for destroying her pack and her phone, but seemed to really cheer up when Pazi showed up. Evidently they know each other and it was personal. It was cute to see.

We got back to the cop shop and the mother came. They are evidently poor, trying to get by and it was all emotional and shit. Even Pazi was emotional. Meanwhile the detective gave me a $5,000 finder’s fee.

Omg they were just way too fucking emotional. I gave Pazi $1,000 for the church, after all they have helped me a lot. I then followed the mom and daughter out to their piece of shit car and I heard the daughter upset her phone was gone. 

Like an idiot I gave the daughter $2,000 to replace everything, then $2,000 to her mother because they need it… why the fuck do I care even. This job netted me a big ole zero. I know I wouldn’t have cared about shit ten years ago, or even two. Jesus Christ I think Pazi might have saw this too as she just gave me that shit eating grin when I came in.

Afterwards Pazi asked me to take her back, I took her by the wine bar first and we had dinner, talking about everything in general. I then took her home, but right before she left she kissed me on the cheek and mentioned something about not being as quick as me…

I went back to Hunter for a booty call, the come down from a job and a date made him a happy guy.

Fuck that poor ass family, why do I care anyways?

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I am still working hard at my studies, I suspect that will still be years to come. Right now I am trying to pick up the spell “Recall”. It should allow me to remember things as myself, one sliver of memory at a time. I figure if I am long lived, I have the time.

After that I plan on advancing my body skills. Rose is important to me, and I think Kylo is as well. Both of them are getting older and to be honest I am being selfish and thinking I would like to keep them with me.

Talking about memory I met up with Ruby. She is an old elf, a noble of some sort and much more knowledgeable then I think our team ever understood. She came with me to visit Kylo and talked about our time with the unit. She clucked over us like an old hen, and it felt familiar.

Ruby in action

I also found out we had played around once or twice, but sadly one of those times was drinking elven wine. It resulted in my puking in her crotch… Ya that might be why I have an aversion to that elven stuff.

Also found out that Ruby may care for us (and it might be care greatly and endanger herself level of caring) but she thinks I sleep with horrible creatures and am a horrible slut. She saw a picture of Hunter and pointed out that he was an animal in a human body. She may be partially right about that, but it was awful derogatory. I just smiled at her and told her it was ok, I like fucking animals and then promptly showed her pictures of Benson and Piper.

I feel like I can trust her, it feels real and I am just going to go with it. I have very few allies and I need to expand who I can rely on if I am going to get retribution, and build up my own power base. You can’t do it alone, and I got burned doing it with people just based on their skills.

While talking to Ruby I did find out one other option about longevity and the people I care about. Evidently the greek apples and immortality myth might have some truth. The Red Order evidently has a farm or something that grows them, I still would need to work on making them younger since it didn’t make people younger, it just froze them in time.

So I stopped by, visited with that cute girl who is a priestess for the Red Order, the one that has helped Kylo and myself and asked her if they can be purchased. She didn’t think so, but I let her know I would also be willing to work for two apples. She said she would ask, but she was pretty sure it was still no. She mentioned something about signing up I think, I would consider it but I am still a little sore about the last group I signed up with so I am not sure about that option.

Oh, and I asked her out, showed her I could shapeshift and left her my card. Not my smoothest pickup, but I was tired and she didn’t say no. Evidently it wasn’t that bad, so we will see where it goes.

Finally I got back to Hunter’s and we talked about relationships, and about Ruby. I told him I am going to leave him my condo if something happens. I figure I only have the people here and Rose, and Rose would probably want the house… or maybe I will ask Hunter if he would rather have the house in Mason. Then give the condo to Rose.

Other than that we just connected, were intimate and had dinner. I moved some underwear and socks into the sock drawer and he laughed. That is a good sign. Also I think he was amazed at having butt sex with someone who isn’t worried about him. Not sure if its me, or if its what I feel on him but either way I feel like I trust him.

Or maybe I am an idiot.



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I only see the memories from the outside

I am not sure how much of this to write down, the good news is I learned my ancient history spell (will post about that later), the bad news is what I remember.

The basic situation is I graduated from MIT with my double degrees, was recruited into what is now known as the Execution Squad. At that time it truly was a defensive team used to stop incursions before we knew what the magic coming back meant.

Our commander was a good man, he was loyal to his team and took care of us. Under his direction I learned fire magic, along with light and dark spells. Evidently my training was hampered by whoever actually trained me. I was given spellwork by rote, with big gaps.

The fact I learned all three schools threatened them evidently. The fire was self-explanatory, they wanted me to burn things, while the light and dark was primarily used to conceal and camouflage my team.

Things were good for several years. I earned good money, did real work and I get the impression it was mostly positive. During that time I dated a few people in the unit (well, I mean I fucked them, not sure dating works as the right word). One of them, the second in command took over the unit when our leader retired.

That is where everything changed.

It was about this point that the government wanted to watch their pocketbooks, so we started taking more and more “off the book” jobs that are new leader (I shall name him D-Bag here) and his new second in command were fond of. Yes, I ended up sleeping with both of them regularly.

It was also at this time that a new recruit, a man  named Kylo who joined the unit. A Ranger with all those skills. He was part of the group as well (and yes we slept together as well, evidently Rose is right and I am a total slut).

Our jobs became more and more off the books until we eventually left the government and did black operations full time. The big advantage is we were rich. We got paid huge amounts of money, including me owning several homes (one in the Hamptons) along with fancy cars (I guess I had a Shelby GT special, plus numerous other cars).

This was great, the bank account was huge but our jobs become more and more problematic. Eventually Ruby, our elf healer disappeared one night. She was sick and tired of what was happening and bailed. We never found out where she went.

The jobs got worse and worse and eventually Kylo quit. He told D-bag and his assistant that he was out. The next morning we saw Kylo’s personal stuff was gone, but he never said goodbye to me. He also never did anything with his long term valuables such as his house. That bothered me a lot. In addition the jobs were starting to weigh on me and I knew my time was limited doing this.

I prepared to leave. I knew they would want to stop their mage from leaving. They relied on my firepower and stealth to keep the team safe. So I talked with an accountant in Austin and worked with him closely to move my wealth quietly. Before the shit really hit the fan I was able to buy two houses and a wine bar, along with a new F-150 truck fully loaded and backups of my equipment/spell library.

During what would be my last mission with the team we were assigned to put a hit out on someone. I was never told who our targets were, and honestly most of the time it isn’t important. People don’t pay big money to erase other people who are nice. However this time it was a family home and there were children’s bikes outside the house. I was sure that the kids were inside.

D-bag and his assistant didn’t care when I brought that up. They told me to burn the whole house and we were getting paid for this result. This is where I fucked up. Instead of just keeping quiet and accelerating my leaving plans I told them no. No fucking way am I going to burn up children, not for all the money in the fucking world. I evidently lost my shit on them.

They secured me, burned the house anyways. I knew I was heading for a shallow grave so I told them I still cared for them, we fucked and I did everything I could to ask to be released. I was fortunate, they agreed to let me go. I couldn’t take any of my possessions, but they did cash me out with the $75k. What I didn’t know is they wanted my memories. they stripped my mind of all my memories, they jacked my magic up and dumped me in Austin. 

So here I am in Austin. I found the accountant and found out he has been looking for me. Evidently Ruby was having him try to find me (it turns out he is also Ruby’s accountant, and helped her leave with everything). Piper didn’t realize it was me they were looking for, they had said a 47 year old woman was who they wanted, and I appear in my late 20s.

Turns out I am immortal, or close enough. I kept up my age/appearance with the team so I didn’t upset them (they hate non-humans… and I mean a lot). I guess that is a good thing. Now I am trying to figure out how to keep Rose going. I didn’t realize we were getting this old and she is my sister, I have to take care of her.

Oh, and don’t doubt I haven’t forgotten that D-bag and the rest screwed me out of my fortune, and screwed my friend Kylo (who I am working with trying to work on memories). I will get my revenge on them. I am patient, I have time.

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