Georgie is probably the largest, yet most lovey dog I have ever met.

Let’s start from the beginning. I have been looking around for more magic work when Elias calls me for a job, leaving a message. I call him back and he gives me a very brief overview.

A well-to-do woman has had her dog kidnapped and has not stopped harassing Elias for days. She is claiming it is a hellhound and that his name is Georgia and he is really sweet. I listen to the detective, but the fact she has money means this might be worth it. After all, a couple of simple seek spells along with maybe a history spell means this should be over in two hours and several hundred richer, so I take it.

I arrive a few hours later at a lady named “Tabby’s” upscale house. Just walking up you can smell the money. The door opens and it is an older blonde woman with a bob haircut. I immediately envision she is recently divorced, bitter and drunk regularly. The glass of wine she is carrying that is half full confirm at least that last part for me before anything else.

She may be older but she knows what she is worth.

She is nice, surprisingly so, and goes into detail about picking up Georgie off the streets and finding out later that he is a hellhound. I check out the pictures and he does look huge… and indeed he looks like a ferocious beast of a hellhound, maybe twice my size. Seriously I could get pixies/fairies to ride it like a heavy mount. His eyes though are incredibly peaceful, I haven’t ever heard of a peaceful hellhound.

Fast for a bit of time and I had done the necessary magic to determine what had happened. Georgie was indeed doggy napped by a human-only member named Curly (yes he is bald) and his friends. They ran off with the dog and evidently the lady was correct and both Elias and I were wrong.

He is still a really cute dog, big but cute.

I went back to the cops and asked them about “Curly” and they gave me the details of his criminal record. He is a bit rough, and has some contact but honestly nothing I was worried about.

More research digs up that they are part of a dog fighting ring. I get the location and then convince by Kylo and Paz to come along. I will give each of them 25% and keep 50% myself. We rolled out all angry on how Georgie was taken and now I was pretty sure poor Tabby will lose her love and it will be a spitting, fire breathing hellhound waiting for us.

We hit the dog fighting encampment hard. You never seen so many people just run from us, even before we engaged. We had everyone gone or on the ground within 5 minutes. The area was secured and we did find poor Georgie.

dog fighting camp

Georgie had evidently refused to fight any of the dogs and allowed himself to be mauled. We fixed him up of course, rescued the dogs we could and called the cops in. The elven cop that works with Elias showed first, he seemed pleased by what happened and reassured Curly that he had no injuries and therefore nothing to report. I appreciated that.

We then got Georgie home, where he met up with his mom figure, Tabby, who was crying the whole time. The emotion was hard, but we reassured her everything was good and she is going to try and push us among her friends, that would be cool.


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More Vampires

I am not sure what it is about Texas, but there are a hell of a lot of vampires out here. Evidently there are even gargantuan bug like vampires called primordials that are older than dirt and more powerful then a full vampire hive.

Let’s back this up a bit. Chastity came to me to tell me she has been having dreams that something is coming to attack/tap the well. I gathered everyone else and we listened again and the elders of the town agreed to take it serious. So I called out Pazo for healing and shotguns and Kylo for his combat experience.

We waited for four days and nothing came. Meanwhile the diner is doing great and Chastity had some sort of religious ceremony with her and her kid. It looked sort of like a pagan/wiccan thing, but something was there. I couldn’t see it, but I could see the well reacting to it.

The fifth not is when shit hit the fan. Three people entered the town on foot at night. One of them immediately headed towards the well at full speed, so I started unloading lightning bolts at him. I completely realize this could end badly for someone innocent, but it just felt wrong. Turns out I was right.

I hate it when the face opens up. Its s gross!!!

I hit him square several times, it did seem to damage, but he should have been dead with the first hit. I needed to stop him so I charged out after him, while everyone else was engaging the other two vampires.

Evidently a second vampire got to the well while I was fighting with the first one. He stabbed some sort of spear like item into the ground an the whole park lit up like it was on fire. The vampire shifted into some hideous creature creature over ten feet tall, all bug-like with proboscis and a temper.

They were magic flames, not real flames though.

We were fortunate, it charged at the other vampires while we eventually were able to destroy it. The night ended with us being fixed up, and all the vampires being burned… Oh and Kylo, Paz and I covered in vampire juice which stinks far worse then any skunk.

We also talked with Hunter, Jess and Chastity and realized that the previous vampires were not due to that human we killed. There was something outside of town directing vampires in, trying to mutate them into primordial versions. It means we have to keep an eye on things closer, we can’t allow that to happen.

In addition, it seems that the lightning not nearly as effective, so I am going to learn sunbolt, which shoots bolts of sunlight so hot its like a welder’s torch and effects almost anything. That will be nice and effective.

I was able to offset the stink after awhile, I remembered I had remove smell spell in my books, I just hadn’t ever used it for anything, just as a spring board to work on some harder air spells. Evidently even my little spells come in handy.

Finally got back into Austin, got the books for sunbolt and talked with Piper. Realized I could use my tracking magic to find where the original script it was written from was when it was written, it might allow me to track down old tomes that have less errors and are worth a lot of money on the open market.

What I learned was that vampires are being directed by something else, sunbolt is more effective on vampires, and I might be able to make more money with magic then I ever realized. This doesn’t even include that I know spells I didn’t even realize that are effective.

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Contract Cashed In: Fat Man Dead!

You remember that guy who sold the carved elven phallus magical foci? I am sure you do because that was the weirdest job I think I have done. Well it turns out in fact that man (or I should say elf disguised as a fat sweaty guy) has a contract out on his head.

Ruby got back to us a few weeks ago confirming this, in turn we have been preparing. The plan was simple, Piper would arrange to sell a valuable item that the guy wants, we would deliver it and put him down hard.

It should be noted that Piper would almost never do this, he takes is client/foci dealer relationships seriously, but this elf is a bad bad person. Rapey, abusing type bad and on top of that the elf has a really bad rep. Piper figured not only would it be financially beneficial to him to help, but it would be a public service getting rid of him.

Ruby arrived, Piper made the arrangements and we went over and got Kylo for the badass gun support. The meet was arranged with myself, Ruby and Kylo going out onto the guy’s beautiful property.

The guy had some electronic security measures, but since we were meeting him that didn’t pose a problem. There of course was a huge ton of magical wards and defenses, but that is why we have Ruby. Her speciality is healing and dropping/putting up wards.

Ruby is fairly hot IMHO

The big problem was a pride of panthers (is it a pride when its panthers?). They are familiars and we were unsure how much they would defend him, or attack him. We were gambling that overall most of them wouldn’t help him. After all it is unlikely he is nice to them if he isn’t nice to his lady friends.

They were cute, but not this small.

We rolled up on the scene in a van and saw the familiars following us. There is something awe-inspiring about a pack of panthers (or is that wolves) following silently. We waited outside for a couple of minutes after ringing the bell. I made sure I was in front of the camera, he liked coping a feel last time, maybe that would relax him if he recognized me.

I imagine he looks like this when he is larping.

Evidently it did, because he came out smiling and led us back in. He definitely took advantage of walking behind me by touching my ass. I was worried he wouldn’t stop until he was inside me, through my pants. I just gave him a big smile and I think he was so focused on that he didn’t notice Ruby start dropping his wards when we were inside.

I am not sure what happened behind me specifically because I turned to the fat man and as soon as Ruby dropped the ward that prevented me from touching my magic I ssummoned the biggest lightning spell I could and drilled him with it. While the gunfire and magic behind me erupted at the familiars.

I kept casting the spell until the crumpled body in front of me smelled like burnt flesh and quit moving. You can never be too sure about another mage, and especially an elven mage who might cast one of their fucked up death curses. We then rummaged the house for all the papers, valuables we could.

End result is we walked away with $125k for each of us from the contract, plus whatever we could heist that my awesome accountant can pawn, sell or cash in.

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Personal Life Update: Rose and Mother Moons

This month has been slower then expected. I haven’t gotten any real jobs, so it was mostly focused on entertaining Rose, convincing her to come live down here and getting to know Charity better.

The Rose thing went well, she is going to finish up her project in NYC then leave. She will have to take two years out of action due to her NDA, but she can spend that time down here working on projects, and then just get even richer from her work then she does now.

I dropped her off at the train station, already was missing her when she climbed up on the train and waved to me. Maybe I should go visit her once before she leaves, take advantage of that Manhattan condo of hers.

The other thing I have been working on is talking with Charity. She is another dancer, a hedge mage/witch that comes from a long line of witches. She dances so she can work less and be around her son who is getting into trouble. Not the drugs and girls trouble but the bad boys and using his lightning ability type of trouble.

We talked and I had her come out to Mason and look around. She is the whole “mother goddess” archetype all rolled into one. She is sweet, she is a good cook and she took my offer to run the restaurant in town I bought. I ended up buying that cannibalistic bbq joint and we are stripping it down and making it into a small place.

She brought her son out, he seemed to like it out here. I think I impressed him with my lightning spell and armor… although he is 12 so I think a lot of things impress him. He is a good kid and I am glad she decided to come out and do it. I even gave her 10k as a sign on bonus, this way if she finds she hates Mason she has money put away to move back to where she wants to go.

I guess she is going to name the place “Mother Moon’s”. It kind of fits her. I guess this is where I start my land holding empire! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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The Weekend: Part 2 “Shot by an Assassin”

You heard that right folks, I was fucking shot by an assassin the same weekend Rose showed up. I will tell you know that I am both eternally grateful to Paz for saving me, and to Spike for taking down the asshole who did that.

Let me rewind for a minute. We had just finished dropping off the kid we had escorted from Houston the night before (Friday night). The of course is the weekend with the same incident with the scorpion. Rose and I then wandered around town enjoying ourselves and found that evidently I had made the news. We didn’t think anything about it at all, but we should have.

Saturday night rolls up and I go to the club to dance. It is funny, Rose, Piper, Hunter and even Kylo keep asking me why do I bother to still dance. I make more money with magic. I think part of me its a routine that doesn’t involve others and ties me back before I lost my memory, but that could also just be a lot of armchair psychology and maybe I am just a slut.

So my number starts and I notice this freak sitting up against the stage. He just stares at me during my whole set. I get that creepy vibe, but this isn’t new. It actually happens quite frequently and I don’t think he is a match for me, so I don’t think about it anymore.

Earlier in the night it was quiet

I come out for my second set and I start dancing. I notice the guy stand up and I am just assuming he is going to do something inappropriate when I see him pull a pistol out. My first instinct is to stun him with lightning, but that does absolutely no good and that is when he shoots me. You heard it right, shoots me solid in the upper chest. Next thing I know I am on the ground bleeding, looking for Rose to pull her aside and we get behind one of the bars.

At this point Spike just steps forward howling in joy. A whip appears out of nowhere and wraps around his head. At some point she has him down and cuts his head off with a knife. Meanwhile everyone runs out, and the girls go get Paz who heals me. I think my wound was pretty serious, Paz joked about it and wouldn’t talk too much, but the paleness she had on her face when she saw me gave away more then her talking. 

I wish I could say Spike wasn’t this cute, but she really is.

The cops are all over Spike but I tell the cops what happened and that there was no head (by the way, Spike had removed the guys head and given it to me to find information with magic later). The cops distrust Spike but have to leave her alone.

Eventually I call Hunter to tell him I am ok and he is so angry on the phone. Not with me, it is that useless anger that you can’t do anything. He tells me to stay in town and I do. We go hang with Piper, Rose and I. Meanwhile Kylo goes searching our condo to double check no one else is there.

After a romp with Piper and Rose I feel more like myself and I cast some of my magic on the head and find that my old team commanders had seen me on the news and sent him after me. I then get back to Hunter and do more magic on the head (much to Hunter’s annoyance that I do things like that) and find more details.

First, I did take the account numbers out of the assassin’s head of the $200,000 he was given as a down payment to kill me. The accountant is going to run those through some offshore accounts and give me 180k (keeping 10%, which is a good deal for me).

I also found that my old commanders are super angry with me. Evidently I had a plan in action that when they messed with my head and sent me away, it fucked them over financially. I don’t even remember what I did, but it makes me happy with my old self that she thought of that.

Meanwhile Hunter is very very angry that someone attacked me, and the rest of the town is very concerned. So much for keeping things quiet… however it is nice to have people evidently care enough about me. I guess I have been here for quite a while. I also feel warm and fuzzy that Hunter got so angry. I don’t  know how serious we are, he hasn’t really talked about it, he just lets me keep clothing here at his house, but I wonder if it is serious with how he reacted.

During all of this time Rose and I are talking. She wants to strike out on her own and away from a corporation working on weapons. She wants to develop prosthetics that she wants, not that the military wants. I took her around here and she was dumbfounded by how cheap it is. She may sell her stuff in New York, come down here buy a place and live down here with us. That would mean so much to me, but I am trying not to put any pressure. 

We figure she could work down here on her own projects for two years. Once the two years are up, her NDA is over and she can be a consultant and sell her stuff. She will always be rich even on what she has made so far, but this might allow her to put stuff out there to help people. Maybe she can even work a way to work with the Red Order healers. That is probably not, but you never know what happens in the future.

So that is my weekend, scorpions, being shot, sex, taking a lot of money from those trying to shoot me, and maybe having Rose come live with us in Mason. I call it a good weekend.


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The Weekend – Part 1: Scorpion Love

The first weekend that Rose has been here has been the most action-packed weekend I have had. I think she may have a skewed view of my life, or maybe I do thinking it’s fairly slow.

Piper called and he asked if me if I could pick up Jenny and her son (I can never remember that kids name for the life of me). Of course, I agreed. It might only be $500, and I may have to split it with Kylo (I promised him I would start taking him with me), but for a few hours’ trip over two days it isn’t bad. I figure it is also good advertising for me and Kylo.

Rose was incredibly excited and I can’t blame her. She has never been out in the wilds like this. So, we got her in some armor just in case there is a fight. I realize it is over protective and paranoid but I would rather be crazy then dead. We then got in the truck.

At least we could keep cool in our armor plated truck

We headed out to Houston, Rose was excited for a while, then the boredom of driving took over for a couple hours. That is until the traffic stopped. There was honking, flashing lights, something was going on.

I am one to never be left out of things so I drove up closer and I saw the biggest fucking scorpion I had ever seen. I don’t mean a large couple of foot long scorpion, I am talking a giant, size of a cow or bigger scorpion. It was in the middle of the road, taking up multiple lanes. No one dared try to drive past.

It took up almost the whole freeway.

Rose’s eyes got huge, but I have to say she never shrank away. She has metal in her, I think if she didn’t she wouldn’t have gotten through school and done it while dancing.

Meanwhile both Kylo and I get out of the car. Years of working together kicked in and while I don’t recall our missions we both took positions that felt practiced for thousands of hours. We moved up on the scene, hearing some fighting going on.

There are several of the Red Order samurai or whatever they call themselves fighting. They are using swords, a few guns but not really. I don’t blame them necessarily; the scorpion seems really armored and while they might be ok with guns, it seems to be bouncing off pretty often. Kylo immediately does his gun thing and starts working the scorpion. The Red Order doesn’t seem to notice too much, but once again the scorpion is shrugging off a lot of their attacks. However, you know what scorpion armor doesn’t protect against? Electricity.

I started laying into the scorpion with lightning. I hadn’t done it full bore like this repeatedly so I had to adjust as I was going. I am glad though that I have been practicing. The Red Order almost jumped out of their skins when the first bolt hit the scorpion. Two of them turned towards me and for a moment I thought I might have to put them down, but then they obviously realized I was with them and went back to work.

The scorpion was pretty tough, but with my lightning, Kylo’s well placed shots, and the Order’s swords cutting of parts we got the scorpion down on the ground and finally dead.

I still couldn’t hear well because of so many lightning bolts exploding and the loud gunfire of Kylo next to me, but a lot of people around us just stared at us in awe. They mostly looked at me, probably because the lightning was the flashiest part, after all this is Texas and they all have seen guns. Evidently lightning casting women are new though.

James the leader of the Red Order, and the same cute half-elf I saw on my first trip to Houston was walking over towards me. While he did that, I called out to Rose and asked her if she wanted to look at the scorpion. I didn’t even get three words out before she was out of the truck and over with a little pack. Meanwhile I carved off a few pieces for myself, trinkets are always nice. Maybe Paz had a use for it.

Rose walked right over to a young human guy that was ordering James and the rest to start cleanup. She took the young human’s sword right out of his hand, his mouth was just making a gulping fish face in surprise as this tiny attractive woman climbed up on the scorpion, hacked off its tail, several other pieces and packed them all in her pack.

I haven’t ever seen Rose work, but watching her I could tell she loved doing the science stuff. She is in charge at her work and you could tell she was used to being in charge because she kept directing Red Order members to do things for her, and they did without thinking about it (but with the most surprised looks on their faces).

Eventually James and the Leader both were talking to me and asking about my magic. They were waiting for some trackers so they could find out where the scorpion came from. I gave them a huge smile and told them I had investigation magic and I could do that to them. They seemed skeptical but agreed.

 I did a history spell, and found where the scorpion came from.

At least they understand magic and I didn’t have to put on a show.

We drove out there, although they were skeptical until we got there. When we found the location, I cast some more spells and found the scorpion was a single scorpion that just had the bad luck to be caught in a mana swell, transforming it into the giant scorpion. No plots, no enemies, just the wild. It was funny though, the Order looked disappointed that they couldn’t go attack someone.

James and the Leader paid me 10k and went on their way after I gave them my business card. They seemed mildly interested. Oh, and the leader wasn’t a kid. He was a human that had eaten an apple years ago so he kept his youth. We talked about the apple a little, and I found evidently they can still be made to look older or younger after the apple, that is good if I can find Rose and Kylo apples, otherwise we will just use the Elf collars to keep them young.

We eventually got to Houston, picked up the mom and her son. He was excited, he had seen me on the news (this is an important fact in my second entry later today). Evidently not many people had seen a woman who could attack a scorpion with lightning, so now he wants to learn lightning from Piper eventually. I just smiled, offered him a chunk of scorpion carapace and took them to Piper.

We retired for the day with Kylo and I each richer by $250 for the ride. I also split the payment of $10,000 from the Order with Kylo as well. So at the end of the day we had each made $5,250. I am comfortable starting my wages at that. 

Then we just went on to prepare for the evening and dancing. However, that is a different story that I will tell later.

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I can’t make this entry very long, things are busy and I need to get back to life. However, I did want to mention Rose is here. It is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me in my actual memory.

She came in via train yesterday and we had a great time. I picked her up and took her on a tour of everyone I know. Piper was nice to her, both of them are smart enough to get along though so that isn’t too much of a surprise. Benson and Daisy were kind enough to her, and Paz was super sweet for the few minutes we had time to visit.

I suspect Rose doesn’t necessarily believe Paz or the rest of us about the instant healing fully, but I can’t blame her. I didn’t either.

We then went back to my home and on our way in there we saw thousands of butterflys circling the park where the well sits. They were beautiful and made of magic. The well was shunting power out and it manifested in the most beautiful way I could think of. I think Rose was overwhelmed by that. We just laid on the well in the middle of them. It was something out of a movie or anime.

Not the best picture from laying on the ground, but still pretty spectacular

We talked with Hunter while we were there for a couple of hours. I think Hunter was unsure of the situation. She started yawning a lot and I realized how much she had done today so I took her home and tucked her into bed.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Rose. I realize it is partially because she is a link to so much of my life I am missing, but also it just feels right to be near her and have her in my life.

That is all for now, I have so much going on, and so little time right now to report it. Don’t worry though, I will be back.

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