Attempted Hijacking

Things have been incredibly busy the last several weeks. So busy in fact that I need to cover them extremely briefly, and not the details I normally give.

  1. We have formed a new business called Spell Solutions, a security and investigative firm that utilizes magic and high tech to provide the above security and investigations. Kylo is a full partner, we hired Paz to be our “shotgun bunny” and an older man named James who is taking the from end management. He is even good at diplomacy so I will probably let him handle full negotiations. He has a small granddaughter who stays with him.
  2. Rose has bought a house and is having it upgraded. She sent some of her technical stuff via train and asked us to take it from Austin back to Mason. It sounded super valuable so we got ourselves a rental truck, Kylo, Paz and myself escorted it back, we got jumped by six nobodies who were stopped immediately by us. Hunter arrested them and suggested I pick up some non-lethal spells… he is right of course.
  3. A group of college kids showed up at the center of town to “call down the moon” or some such shit. Hunter arrested them and I checked them to make sure they weren’t plants from whoever is trying to get the power of the well. I also took off of them a compass that will show you the direction of whatever you ask for it. One of the kids got it from a business partner of his father. It could come in handy.
  4. Paz and I are full on seeing each other. Hunter doesn’t seem to have a problem at all, even when she is over in Mason. I suspect that is because Paz doesn’t have a penis, I suspect it wouldn’t be so pretty otherwise. Life is going great with me and Hunter, and me and Paz and I am happy.
  5. Still studying magic, picked up sunbolt, a spell super effective against vampires. I am also getting along with the studying of the well, and just studying general magic with Piper at least weekly.
  6. Oh, our business office is in Austin and I am going to probably go out there daily or close to daily. It is a good habit to use the office we remodeled out of AN OLD BANK!!!! Holy shit like the best ritual magic room/prison for those I need to keep magically locked in. It is fantastic. Jeff our realtor is awesome for finding it.

That is the most basic of my life right now, there are a lot more details, but I let grass grow too deep between posting so I wanted to give you the highlights.

About agirlushouldknow

A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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