Hula Hut the Tiki Bar… of the DEAD!!!

We had our very first official mission that was actually brokered by James. What we didn’t realize is it would involve a necromancer and a Tiki Bar… you heard me right, a Necromancer and a Tiki Bar. It sounds like the start of a joke.

Definitely not what you would expect a poltergeist to haunt.

James arranged for us to meet a man named Jeff who owned the Hulu Hut. A local popular tourists’ destination in Austin. Evidently for the last two months he had been suffering from a haunting. Specifically, a poltergeist who destroys property and hurts his patrons.

We discussed this for a while and decided we need to look at the Tiki Bar to get a feel for it. Before we arrived, I talked with Piper and he wasn’t so sure about a poltergeist, it didn’t seem right and with all the little details I would have to agree. So, upon arriving I was prepared to look for something more involved, something different.

While at the Hula Hut I discovered it is a Tex-Mex with a Polynesian twist. The food seems great as does the drinks. We enjoyed some food while we examined the area Jeff told us about hiring hunters after being turned down by the cops. Evidently three times they fixed it, but it didn’t stick, which would be unusual since that is what hunters are good at.

We looked at old video footage and it helped us determine the time. From there I used my historical and seeker spells and we noted something specific. Before each occurrence a woman would walk into the bar, wrapped in a cloak, make hand motions similar to other spellcasting I have seen then walk out. I managed to trace her out to her van.

Kylo traced the license plate back to a woman that turned out to be Jeff’s ex-girlfriend who believed he owed her part of the tiki bar. We confirmed that it looked like she was casting necromancy, which is mega bad. It is a death penalty to be convicted of it, and rightfully so. So, to prepare got our gear together, talked with Piper and I called ahead to Elias at the Police Station to prepare. Even a minor necromancer is bad news.

So Kylo, Paz and myself went to her house and found it dark and quiet. I cast silence and we scooted through the house securing it. We caught her in her bed and secured her without incident. She was crying, pleading for her life. We also found her shrine to a death god. I am still going to need to study who that was.

On our way to the station she lost her shit and freaked out. She rotted out the inside of Kylo’s car, almost catching us. She even caught my hair a bit, leaving a grey dead bit that I couldn’t shift, I had to cut it off and regrow it. Holy shit I am glad none of us got it on our skin. We secured her again and turned her into Elias.

While at the station Elias felt a little bad about not taking Jeff serious when he came to them before. He was elated we got her (and yes she is going to be tried and if found guilty executed for being a necromancer). While there I got to watch an elf come in who interrogated her. He has a lot of power and is supposed to be from Ireland. I am going to need to get a hold of Ruby and see if she knows who he is.

We got paid by Jeff for the job, and collected a 10k bounty on the lady. I hadn’t thought in time to scour her house, next time I will make sure I do that as well.

After that I went back to my condo stayed the night with Paz, then went home and stayed with Hunter, telling him about the job. I need to keep a closer eye out on this sort of thing. I am sure there are lots of things to learn from it, but it is also like sticky taffy, something you don’t want to do.

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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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