About Me

You might wonder a few things about this journal and why I titled myself Dust Princess.

I am a graduate of MIT with three degrees in astronomy, mathematics and physics. I have over 14 years experience working for a government agency called the Paranormal Threat Force Team hunting dangers to humans.

I was born to a beautiful Iraqi doctor and a very wonderful American soldier. I grew up in a wonderful family, that was transferred all over the world. When I was a child I had developed the ability to alter small parts of my appearance. When I was 7 I wanted to have anime hair, and my mom came in and discovered me with blue hair. From there was able to control small changes (as an adult I can do more extreme changes). My parents taught me to keep it secret as much as they could.

Eventually, when I was a teen, my mother went back to Doctors Without Borders and my father went with her. I begged my parents to let me stay with grandmother in the house and they let me. They got trapped over in Afghanistan when I was 15 with another wave from the Concolation. They have however kept in contact with me, and were supportive even after my grandma passed when I hit the age of 17.

At the age of 18 I was accepted into MIT with a scholarship. Unfortunately after the first year most of the scholarship money dried up and I had to sell the house for a second year. After that Rose helped me get a job at some clubs and I was able to pay for my way through the rest of my college by dancing.

This was my white skin and punk hair phase

I graduated at 22 and was accepted into a government organization, the PTFT was a classified agency that put me to work learning magic and defending people, or at least that is what they said they were. I don’t remember.

Next thing I know, it is 16 years later and I have been released from the agency with selective memory removal. I still have my skills from the time, I don’t think they can remove that, but I don’t remember what I did or why.

I only have a single memory from that time, and I don’t even know the context for, just that I was called the dust princess for some reason lost to my memory. That is why I named this blog after that.

Here I am now picking up my life as a civilian, trying to regain my memories and make some money. I am hoping by writing here, it will help me remember who or what I was.


-This blog/journal is a creative writing/roleplaying game journal and it is not intended to represent actual people.