I can’t make this entry very long, things are busy and I need to get back to life. However, I did want to mention Rose is here. It is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me in my actual memory.

She came in via train yesterday and we had a great time. I picked her up and took her on a tour of everyone I know. Piper was nice to her, both of them are smart enough to get along though so that isn’t too much of a surprise. Benson and Daisy were kind enough to her, and Paz was super sweet for the few minutes we had time to visit.

I suspect Rose doesn’t necessarily believe Paz or the rest of us about the instant healing fully, but I can’t blame her. I didn’t either.

We then went back to my home and on our way in there we saw thousands of butterflys circling the park where the well sits. They were beautiful and made of magic. The well was shunting power out and it manifested in the most beautiful way I could think of. I think Rose was overwhelmed by that. We just laid on the well in the middle of them. It was something out of a movie or anime.

Not the best picture from laying on the ground, but still pretty spectacular

We talked with Hunter while we were there for a couple of hours. I think Hunter was unsure of the situation. She started yawning a lot and I realized how much she had done today so I took her home and tucked her into bed.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Rose. I realize it is partially because she is a link to so much of my life I am missing, but also it just feels right to be near her and have her in my life.

That is all for now, I have so much going on, and so little time right now to report it. Don’t worry though, I will be back.

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Working with the police

It has been an incredibly busy month. My life has been a whirlwind of studying, shape changing and doing small jobs for others. I did do a spell with Kylo, seeing what we were like together, how our relationship was. I don’t think I will write about my feelings yet though, that brought a lot of things up I have to think about.

Since that is a no go, the next biggest thing lately has been working with the police on small cases.

I have done it twice now. The first I already talked about at that homestead. The second was an even smaller effort on my part, but I think it is securing me regular, well paid work.

The detective called me again. This time he needed to know where a laptop was. They had arrested a person and had not been able to find the information that person kept on their laptop. They knew I can find things and asked if I could come in.

It was relatively simple, I performed a history spell on the guy and rewound it to find that the laptop was hidden in the kitchen. I also rewound it far enough back to watch him type the password in. I didn’t tell the detective that though.

So we got out there, I did my little show. I don’t need to do all that, but people become reluctant to believe me if I just know something, the whole use of ritual seems to give people a reason to believe me. Funny isn’t it.

We got the laptop out and they found they couldn’t access it. I volunteered, to do a  one time only for free service and to do a spell to get the laptop password. I already knew it from the history spell, but I figure this makes them understand even more how valuable my services are.

I did a little ritual, gave them the password and collected my $5k. I think I can push this type of work into a very lucrative job, not just with the police of course.

So there it is, my financial future is definitely solidifying. That makes me happy.

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Today was both exhausting, and a little bit exhilerating.

First, I finally developed the spell Recall Memory. This means I can recover my actual memories. The disadvantage is I can do it one single sliver at a time. This means it will take years to get back a patchwork quilt of memories, but still limited.. but it is better then nothing.

Second, Piper arranged for me to have an entry level job working with the police. Not as a cop itself, but as a consultant for them. This time it was a missing kid, and her crazy religious father.

At some point the girl’s parents separated. The father is a hardcore religious nut that likes to live off the land. The mother wants some sort of normality for her daughter. This resulted in the normal domestic issues and a divorce and restraining order were put into place.

Evidently a week or two ago the father took the daughter and disappeared, leaving no trace of him or the girl. So the Detective called me and asked me to come in. He seemed skeptical, but he believes Piper when Piper told him I was the best choice. He seems like a nice enough man, but evidently he is normally a homicide detective, so the whole missing person’s gig is a personal debt he owes none other than Pazi. Yes the Red Order girl  I keep flirting with.

She shows up too, evidently her shotgun and herself are ready to rescue the little girl. I think it surprised her I was there. I didn’t realize healers could also shoot people, seems a little schizophrenic to me as an outlook for a healing god, but I am not one to judge.

The spell was simple, the detective had a hair comb and a stuffed animal, the tracking spell lead us out into the desert onto some weird religious nut homestead.

During the drive I noticed how different Pazi’s hair was. To be honest I have never really tried someone of her heritage (african american) hair type. I reached up and touched it and at first she got all in my face about racism, but I think she realized it was me trying to figure out how to mimic that hair and she relaxed and gave me a huge smile. She then let me touch her hair without being annoyed or stopping me.

Just as we arrived at the homestead I readied some spells just in case, but didn’t detect anyone else other than the father and the daughter.

We walked up, the father came out and refused to comply. The father also had a gun, but he didn’t expect I could taser with my lightning and he went down pretty quick. The girl was dressed up like some cult homestead religion and she just broke down crying when she realized she was safe.

She was angry with her father for destroying her pack and her phone, but seemed to really cheer up when Pazi showed up. Evidently they know each other and it was personal. It was cute to see.

We got back to the cop shop and the mother came. They are evidently poor, trying to get by and it was all emotional and shit. Even Pazi was emotional. Meanwhile the detective gave me a $5,000 finder’s fee.

Omg they were just way too fucking emotional. I gave Pazi $1,000 for the church, after all they have helped me a lot. I then followed the mom and daughter out to their piece of shit car and I heard the daughter upset her phone was gone. 

Like an idiot I gave the daughter $2,000 to replace everything, then $2,000 to her mother because they need it… why the fuck do I care even. This job netted me a big ole zero. I know I wouldn’t have cared about shit ten years ago, or even two. Jesus Christ I think Pazi might have saw this too as she just gave me that shit eating grin when I came in.

Afterwards Pazi asked me to take her back, I took her by the wine bar first and we had dinner, talking about everything in general. I then took her home, but right before she left she kissed me on the cheek and mentioned something about not being as quick as me…

I went back to Hunter for a booty call, the come down from a job and a date made him a happy guy.

Fuck that poor ass family, why do I care anyways?

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I am still working hard at my studies, I suspect that will still be years to come. Right now I am trying to pick up the spell “Recall”. It should allow me to remember things as myself, one sliver of memory at a time. I figure if I am long lived, I have the time.

After that I plan on advancing my body skills. Rose is important to me, and I think Kylo is as well. Both of them are getting older and to be honest I am being selfish and thinking I would like to keep them with me.

Talking about memory I met up with Ruby. She is an old elf, a noble of some sort and much more knowledgeable then I think our team ever understood. She came with me to visit Kylo and talked about our time with the unit. She clucked over us like an old hen, and it felt familiar.

Ruby in action

I also found out we had played around once or twice, but sadly one of those times was drinking elven wine. It resulted in my puking in her crotch… Ya that might be why I have an aversion to that elven stuff.

Also found out that Ruby may care for us (and it might be care greatly and endanger herself level of caring) but she thinks I sleep with horrible creatures and am a horrible slut. She saw a picture of Hunter and pointed out that he was an animal in a human body. She may be partially right about that, but it was awful derogatory. I just smiled at her and told her it was ok, I like fucking animals and then promptly showed her pictures of Benson and Piper.

I feel like I can trust her, it feels real and I am just going to go with it. I have very few allies and I need to expand who I can rely on if I am going to get retribution, and build up my own power base. You can’t do it alone, and I got burned doing it with people just based on their skills.

While talking to Ruby I did find out one other option about longevity and the people I care about. Evidently the greek apples and immortality myth might have some truth. The Red Order evidently has a farm or something that grows them, I still would need to work on making them younger since it didn’t make people younger, it just froze them in time.

So I stopped by, visited with that cute girl who is a priestess for the Red Order, the one that has helped Kylo and myself and asked her if they can be purchased. She didn’t think so, but I let her know I would also be willing to work for two apples. She said she would ask, but she was pretty sure it was still no. She mentioned something about signing up I think, I would consider it but I am still a little sore about the last group I signed up with so I am not sure about that option.

Oh, and I asked her out, showed her I could shapeshift and left her my card. Not my smoothest pickup, but I was tired and she didn’t say no. Evidently it wasn’t that bad, so we will see where it goes.

Finally I got back to Hunter’s and we talked about relationships, and about Ruby. I told him I am going to leave him my condo if something happens. I figure I only have the people here and Rose, and Rose would probably want the house… or maybe I will ask Hunter if he would rather have the house in Mason. Then give the condo to Rose.

Other than that we just connected, were intimate and had dinner. I moved some underwear and socks into the sock drawer and he laughed. That is a good sign. Also I think he was amazed at having butt sex with someone who isn’t worried about him. Not sure if its me, or if its what I feel on him but either way I feel like I trust him.

Or maybe I am an idiot.



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I only see the memories from the outside

I am not sure how much of this to write down, the good news is I learned my ancient history spell (will post about that later), the bad news is what I remember.

The basic situation is I graduated from MIT with my double degrees, was recruited into what is now known as the Execution Squad. At that time it truly was a defensive team used to stop incursions before we knew what the magic coming back meant.

Our commander was a good man, he was loyal to his team and took care of us. Under his direction I learned fire magic, along with light and dark spells. Evidently my training was hampered by whoever actually trained me. I was given spellwork by rote, with big gaps.

The fact I learned all three schools threatened them evidently. The fire was self-explanatory, they wanted me to burn things, while the light and dark was primarily used to conceal and camouflage my team.

Things were good for several years. I earned good money, did real work and I get the impression it was mostly positive. During that time I dated a few people in the unit (well, I mean I fucked them, not sure dating works as the right word). One of them, the second in command took over the unit when our leader retired.

That is where everything changed.

It was about this point that the government wanted to watch their pocketbooks, so we started taking more and more “off the book” jobs that are new leader (I shall name him D-Bag here) and his new second in command were fond of. Yes, I ended up sleeping with both of them regularly.

It was also at this time that a new recruit, a man  named Kylo who joined the unit. A Ranger with all those skills. He was part of the group as well (and yes we slept together as well, evidently Rose is right and I am a total slut).

Our jobs became more and more off the books until we eventually left the government and did black operations full time. The big advantage is we were rich. We got paid huge amounts of money, including me owning several homes (one in the Hamptons) along with fancy cars (I guess I had a Shelby GT special, plus numerous other cars).

This was great, the bank account was huge but our jobs become more and more problematic. Eventually Ruby, our elf healer disappeared one night. She was sick and tired of what was happening and bailed. We never found out where she went.

The jobs got worse and worse and eventually Kylo quit. He told D-bag and his assistant that he was out. The next morning we saw Kylo’s personal stuff was gone, but he never said goodbye to me. He also never did anything with his long term valuables such as his house. That bothered me a lot. In addition the jobs were starting to weigh on me and I knew my time was limited doing this.

I prepared to leave. I knew they would want to stop their mage from leaving. They relied on my firepower and stealth to keep the team safe. So I talked with an accountant in Austin and worked with him closely to move my wealth quietly. Before the shit really hit the fan I was able to buy two houses and a wine bar, along with a new F-150 truck fully loaded and backups of my equipment/spell library.

During what would be my last mission with the team we were assigned to put a hit out on someone. I was never told who our targets were, and honestly most of the time it isn’t important. People don’t pay big money to erase other people who are nice. However this time it was a family home and there were children’s bikes outside the house. I was sure that the kids were inside.

D-bag and his assistant didn’t care when I brought that up. They told me to burn the whole house and we were getting paid for this result. This is where I fucked up. Instead of just keeping quiet and accelerating my leaving plans I told them no. No fucking way am I going to burn up children, not for all the money in the fucking world. I evidently lost my shit on them.

They secured me, burned the house anyways. I knew I was heading for a shallow grave so I told them I still cared for them, we fucked and I did everything I could to ask to be released. I was fortunate, they agreed to let me go. I couldn’t take any of my possessions, but they did cash me out with the $75k. What I didn’t know is they wanted my memories. they stripped my mind of all my memories, they jacked my magic up and dumped me in Austin. 

So here I am in Austin. I found the accountant and found out he has been looking for me. Evidently Ruby was having him try to find me (it turns out he is also Ruby’s accountant, and helped her leave with everything). Piper didn’t realize it was me they were looking for, they had said a 47 year old woman was who they wanted, and I appear in my late 20s.

Turns out I am immortal, or close enough. I kept up my age/appearance with the team so I didn’t upset them (they hate non-humans… and I mean a lot). I guess that is a good thing. Now I am trying to figure out how to keep Rose going. I didn’t realize we were getting this old and she is my sister, I have to take care of her.

Oh, and don’t doubt I haven’t forgotten that D-bag and the rest screwed me out of my fortune, and screwed my friend Kylo (who I am working with trying to work on memories). I will get my revenge on them. I am patient, I have time.

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Mage Killing

After a lot of studying I finally was able to gain a complete understanding of the history spell, seek and trace. In addition I got more understanding towards learning Lightning Armor (see that post here). The History spell is only good for getting a reading for a year back on an item, so it won’t work for my situation. However, it is long enough to determine who used the necklace to defeat the ward around the town.

I called Hunter and he sat with me while I cast the spell. It was a bit surreal as I had never seen it done before, but it worked. I got images of hands holding the necklace, of a house not far from here and glimpses of the person using it and laying it on the ground. It was enough for Hunter to recognize him.

Hunter’s reaction was immediate, we both headed out and met up with Jessie to determine how to do this. It turns out the solution wasn’t hard, we went up to the house and demanded the gentleman to surrender. He refused and we rushed in. It is funny how my body must remember breaching rooms but it is a blank to my memory.

We secured him quickly and for a few moments I was able to slow down Hunter’s response. His animalish side came out and he was growling and you could tell he wasn’t all human. His eyes did that glowing thing. He then reached over and shot the mage in the head. Strangely enough, it didn’t bother me at all. That makes me wonder what I did in my lost memories.

So I did ransack the house and I found a stash of items. These included about $8k in cash (which I used to pay for a new HVAC for my place and getting the rental set up, and an expensive floor safe). I got a series of tomes that I sold the originals for and had copies made for $40k (20k in bank and 20k in cash).

However, the piece I am most proud of, is an antique Black Forest carved oak dining table. Worth probably north of $3k. Where the hell did this come from? Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of nicer tables out there, but to find something like this is amazing.

I don’t regret claiming this though.

I think though I freaked out Hunter that I took the table after finding out there was no other owners. He did it for me, and I appreciate it, but I do think it weirded him out. To be honest I am a little weirded out that I had to have it so badly. Hunter did ask if this was the Empusa blood, but I couldn’t tell him if that was true or not.

We went back to my place, had sex and enjoyed each other’s company. I think with this cash infusion I can push forward with my magical business. Don’t get me wrong, the dancing is still there, but its a side thing and just to keep a low level income coming in until I can get rich. Yep, there I said it, my focus is to be a rich bitch.

I want to own a place like this.

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Lightning Armor

I was visiting Piper last week and he  surprised me with something, a scroll that dealt with a mage’s research into lightning armor. Don’t get me wrong, neither of us know how reliable this information is, but its something new and I think it can help a lot.

The manuscript contains an image of a person, utilizing chakra points and is written in Hebrew. Piper was nice enough to identify what it said, but this is going to take more research to figure out if I can get it to work.

The loose translation:

Lightning Armor
“This is a combination of air and sky.
To summon lightening to yourself, and then allow it to dance around your body without coming to harm.
Start with Air Jet. That spell can hold a small piece of silk.
Do not attempt to do use lightning until you can reliably dance the small piece of silk around your body without thought.
Once you can do that, you may try with lightning.
Summon the lightning to a spot just in front of your hands. Then, as if you were holding a ball of air, keep it hovering there.
Once you can hover the ball in front of you with ease, then attempt to move the lightning as if you were pushing a small ball of air.
Try to move it back and forth in front of you.
Once you can do that, then try to bring it closer to your hands. Once you can bring it in close to you, dance it around your arms.”  

I seemed to have already started this process by starting with air jet on my own. This gives me hope that I will be able to maybe follow these suggestions with some sort of expediency. Piper said he would help. I think between us we will get this done.

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I have spent the last couple of months doing a lot of downtime around my job. This has resulted in a fairly boring life for you, but some pretty cool things coming up for me.

I bought a home. Actually I bought two homes for $80,000 total. On top of that, one has renters so its like a small income stream. They are both slightly older homes, in fairly good shape and have been lived in. I don’t move in for a couple of months so the older folks in the house I am going to live can pack and move. I don’t want to jinx it, so no pictures yet.

Sort of like this, but not really.

The second home has a nice family in it. They seem to need a place to stay, they have been good on paying rent and honestly I don’t mind helping them out. The homes will be paid out in full. I used most of my discharge money, plus some money saved from dancing. At least now I will only have taxes, no payments for it and I will get a little extra in rental income (depending on maintenance needs).

There were a couple of other options that were $5,000 and $10,000 for single homes that were smaller and abandoned. I am fairly sure the problems of those places would make them more expensive. However, I think if I save up more money I might pick them up as I go. You never know when owning extra things can come in handy.

Ok, this is worse, but not by much.

The other big change is Hunter and I. We are dating more heavily now, it is a semi-official thing (I haven’t gotten confirmation, but I now can go over and sit with him, and initiate sex and he responds). This doesn’t change my other situations of course, we aren’t exclusive and he definitely isn’t monogamy driven.

We talked a lot about him (there isn’t a lot to talk about me, I don’t remember much to tell him). His previous relationships, the fact he does get jealous if he sees things (and protective). He is aggressive, very masculine in how he handles things, but I am attracted to that (he fits into that bad boy image, but a bit older).

We got together the night he took me out to star watch. Yes, it is as corny as it sounds and I had a great time. Just laying out there with him listening to his astronomy knowledge was fun and I would have called that a raging success, but he was also forward and we baptized our relationship in the bed of his pickup.

We need to keep pillows back here, my hips are bruised.

He is fun, if a bit rough. He was incredibly worried I would be scared off and I think at first he didn’t believe that it just turned me on. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot about each other physically and I got to learn about him mentally/historically. Maybe someday I will remember enough to share back.

Tldr; I bought a house, had sex with Hunter and am officially dating him.

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First Time in Dallas

Well I made my first trip to Dallas, and it was pretty wild. What is even wilder is I can cast lightning, that is fantastic.

First, Mitch asked me the week before if I could take a shift on Fridays for indefinite amount of time, one of the girls quit. It isn’t as well paid, since I need to appear as human, but it is more money and I don’t have anything to do Friday nights anyway. So I told him yes.

Ya, without paranormals it was as trashy and boring as you think.

I then went and visited Piper. We talked a lot about things. He is going to try and help me with the lightning shield/armor. He thinks it might work. He also asked if I could pick something up from him in Dallas. He would pay me $500. It was evidently a hair pin.

Yes, a magical hairpin.

We went to lunch, came back to the store and did some studying and wrapped up the afternoon with some good times with each other. During this I sent Rose some pics of Piper, I think she approved. I told Piper about Rose and he seemed to approve with how smart she was. Maybe I can rub them against each other if she comes out to visit.

After work I headed out to Dallas Sunday morning and arrived outside the biggest walled city I could ever imagine. There were colorful banners hanging around the walls, the food was fantastic and the fact they had fresh fish was amazing.

It was like a real life Disneyland.

While I was there I toured the city, asked a lot of questions and met Helena. Wow, she is a beautiful elven woman who went out with me for a few nights. She told me a lot about her people and what they think like.

Ok, there weren’t any tiny faeries surrounding her.

She is smart, her family is fairly well off. They were higher up, but in the middle. They like to keep themselves anonymous and unnoticed. After what she told me I couldn’t blame her. Elves are absolutely brutal in their court intrigue, which evidently now washes over into Dallas life.

I showed her about myself and she didn’t freak out. We talked, drank and went home to my place the first night, after that we went back to her place. She was a very nice distraction.

The next Friday I went to pick up the hairpin from a very upperclass elf. Unlike Helena he had a penthouse apartment and evidently liked to show off his wealth. Piper said he thought the elf was having a hard time with his own people which is why he is more focused on humans.

I got the hairpin, then went to the Saturday Fey Market. The food, goods and people were amazing there. The Red Order and the Abraxas religion were there as well. Everyone was nice and it was a good way to wrap up my stay. The fact that Mitch was ok with me taking that weekend off was great as well.

The Farmer/Fey Market was fantastic.

So I came home, gave Piper his hairpin, got my money and then went home.

Oh, a weird side note. Evidently there are turkey vultures now being drawn to the well. This worries me a bit. Hunter now has to come by and shoot them when they do arrive. Even Monica thought it was weird.

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Date Night

I made my first trip on the red road. Piper asked me to deliver some beginning magic tomes to a client in Houston, so I went to leave and the guards hauled me over and told me a King’s Path person was escorting a convoy. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how big and modern it still was when compared to the rest of Texas I had seen.

Houston on the water.

So we ended up driving in a twelve car convoy with a cute half-elf leading the way on his motorcycle. His ass was pretty tight in those pants.

We stopped at a truck stop, grabbed some lunch and I talked up the Path follower. His name is Jack and he has been there for over a decade. I flirted with him a little, then we got back in our cars and I arrived in Houston.

Jack is pretty hot, definitely acceptable, even if a bit peackockish

There I met with Sherrie Thompson, the mother of a young man named Jessie who was half drunk, but friendly. She was that cute blond hair blue eyed soccer mom. Piper had suggested to her to come to Austin monthly so her son could get trained. I told her I would come pick her up and take her. I wouldn’t mind doing some transporting as a side gig. She seemed excited and maybe my work is expanding.

I then got back to Mason, settled in and began studying when Hunter showed up. He was wearing his normal Texas Ranger outfit, but he asked if I was interested in dinner. I will be honest, this surprised me but I was quick enough to agree that I would meet him over at Paco’s Nachos for dinner.

Lots to drink at Nachos

It was a date!!!

I arrived and we had a great dinner. He relaxed around me and we just sort of sussed out how we felt. He is super easy to talk with, and I found myself telling him everything. I introduced him to Rose, told him about what I knew about myself and confessed I have no idea what I am.

He is like he stepped out of a Western movie.

He told me about his two wives. He is much older than he appears, and he does seem to have some animal powers, much like the ranger thing that is joked around.

We both indicated to each other that we are interested in progressing with whatever it is between us. Neither of us are good with monogamy, although he does get jealous if he sees whoever he is with with someone. I don’t know how my response is yet either.

I don’t know if I get jealous, I don’t remember anything relationship wise in the last 18 years. I know I had them, just not how I behaved. We both agreed though that we would see how our interactions work out. It will be slow, but maybe we can hammer out something.

So life is looking up.

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