Basic Information on Texas (Austin)

Last Updated: 10/08/17

The world has changed greatly since the 2010s. In 2020 the “Concolation” happened, unleashing magic into the world, birthing gods, and revealing others like the fey races.

Since the 2020s, the Concolation has been winding up, with increased paranormal events. This has stretched the united states to it’s limits. Like many larger countries, the USA split into several small countries.

The Eastern Seaboard and the West coast split into their own “Multi-state” countries. Because of Texas’ size, it has split into it’s own self governing state. Most states are dealing with the aftermath of this split economically.

The state of Texas is most of the focus in this blog. With the influx of other races, notably the fey, the Fey have continued to settle in Dallas, and Texas in general. Dallas has a roughly 50% human population, with the bulk of the rest made up of Fey races.


Austin is not a walled city like Houston or Dallas, but does have a large Austin Defense Militia force that acts as backup for the more mundane police force, and do patrols around Austin’s borders. There are accusations of abuse of power, but overall, the Austin Defense Militia is a good organization, that really does act as a first line against threats, paranormal or otherwise, that threaten Austin.

Austin has kept it’s somewhat liberal reputation in Texas. Unlike Dallas, Austin fought paranormal registry via legislation, and spearheaded the repeal in Texas legislature.

Texas as a whole is still one unit. Dallas was a free city state for several decades, but with the collapse of the anti fey legislation, was reabsorbed into Texas as a whole.

Most goods and personal travel have moved from trucking to rail. Austin is a major rail hub for Texas, and is where most imported goods land first. As travel became less safe, railroad travel is having a new golden age.

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