Lost Niece, Epilogue

I am sad to say that Virginia is indeed dead. I just got done informing Rose of the situation and offered to come back if she needs me. She is going to call Virginia’s parents and notify them, while we have the authorities identify the remains.

This started with me getting up for my second day in Mason. It was quiet, as I made my way downstairs from the bed and breakfast to the Hinkley Groceries below. There I saw Monica my dear land lady ringing some people through.

My temporary home

The pace here is awkward for me. It is relaxing, but leaves me feeling like I am missing something, or that I should be doing something. I spent a couple of hours just watching the families come in and buy groceries.

I eventually asked Monica about the different restaurants, they are about the only other places in town to meet people. She told me about the Square Plate, an American Diner. She then talked to me about great Mexican food at Nachos. Finally there was a new barbecue place, called Boneless Bits that Virginia loved.

As I left Hinkley’s, I went over to the Odeon to talk with Charlie, Virginia’s boss. He confirmed everything that Monica and Sheriff Hunter told me. Charlie seems unusual though, he wears sandals, doesn’t believe in guns and is flaming, which I like that part.

I then walked over to Boneless Bits and met Vanessa, the owner. She was dismissive and had no idea who Virginia was, although that made me more suspicious. The lunch itself was fair to middling, mostly out of frozen boxes. Bruce, the busboy, told me Virginia was here all the time, and recognized her.

All of this was a bit creepy, not Bruce but everyone else. This whole thing kept making me think about horror movies and crazy meat sausage. However, the meat didn’t taste weird, and confirming through Bruce that it was frozen processed meat, means I believed I was totally wrong.

I got back to the Red Door B&B and found Monica and her husband Brent were eating dinner. They invited me down and both were very nice to me. Not that cloying, sickly sweet when someone wants something, they were just straight up nice.

They asked me about what I have done and I was completely honest. I told them what I remembered, and both Monica and Brent hesitated. Evidently I was part of what is called an “Execution Squad”. I can’t say they are wrong about that, and I reassured them that I had quit, and even had my magic scrambled. They seemed relieved and I think we are ok now. I headed up to bed, it has been a long day.

It’s a nice canopy bed I sleep in.

I was awoken about midnight to a phone call. I didn’t recognize the voice but she told me it was Vanessa, the owner of the Boneless Bits. She said she found something and needed me to come over to her restaurant. I knew this was bad, but I have been through way worse and this shouldn’t be a problem. Just in case though, I texted Rose that I was going to meet Vanessa at her place and that is where I died if something bad happened.

I got over to her place in just a couple of minutes, where she took me inside. She was being a little squirrelly and I wondered why she didn’t call the Sheriff herself. She had me follow her down a dark stairway towards the basement. Yes, the whole time I was sure it was a trap, but this is nothing, I can handle it.

Yes this creepy

I got to the bottom, walked in to the basement area and found someone had shut the door behind me. I knew it, I knew this was going to happen.

I turned my head and noticed a mixed demon behind me. Mostly human looking, some horns, bigger and stronger then a man and some skin issues. I reached for my magic and nothing was there, I realized I couldn’t cast magic anymore and my safety blanket of being secure in my own defense was gone. I switched over and grabbed for my pistol by the Demon was on me, lifting me up and stripping the gun out of my hand like I was a child.

They chained me to some sort of butcher table, and were deciding on what to cook me like. I talked with them as much as possible, mostly to distract them as I worked my left hand out of the shackles. Once it was free I was able to dial Sheriff Hunter, put my phone speaker on mute and then talk loudly about their plans.

Yes, they told me all about their plans to eat me. How they have been eating outsiders in town since they got into town. Evidently Vanessa didn’t realize Virginia was a local and she would be missed until after they ate Virginia. I kept on them the whole time and mocked Vanessa’s cooking. Evidently that was a prickly subject as she threw a knife that embedded itself in my shoulder.

The demon boyfriend as it turns out came up to me to shut me up. He was surprised when I yanked the knife from my shoulder and stabbed him multiple times. The look on his face was priceless. He was a demon so they weren’t kill wounds, but they hurt and he would remember it.

While Vanessa was cooing over the demon and fixing his wounds, I got to hear how they met in New York where she summoned him. She just jabbered on about her love. Its as during this that Sheriff Hunter came in and blew both of their heads off with his rifle. I don’t know what he was carrying as ammo but it wasn’t normal.

He helped me out of the rest of the shackles as we searched through the basement. We found 15 skulls, with other bones as well. I am sure Virginia is probably in there somewhere. There are 16 people missing so we are missing one body. My luck of course would be that Virginia is the 16th, but the odds are she is here and thats how we will treat it.

Sheriff Hunter called in backup, a Jessie, and a Sam. Both women, Jessie is an elven woman, who doesn’t fit with her people and I later found out doesn’t want to be near Cherry Log or the new Cherry Log aka Dallas. She is a beautiful woman, and I used her as a model to see if I can mimic elf ears. I will work on that.

Sam is a doctor, and she was able to suture me up. She recommended I hit an Abraxas temple in Austin to heal up completely. During this time I noticed that Sheriff Hunter’s eyes flashed a non-human color/light from them when he was looking for Virginia’s body. That is something that bears watching.

I talked with Jessie about magic and she looked me over. The damage is pretty severe in my head, but she says the brain is resourceful. I will seek out a  mental magic specialist back in Austin.

Later that morning we watched Brent, the volunteer fire chief, burned down Vanessa’s restaurant. No one wanted to take a chance that it was contaminated. While I was there I talked more with Hunter and Jessie. Sam must have already retired for the day.

Boneless Bits in its final hours as anything but ash.

Oh, and a thought back, when I was in the basement, we discovered Vanessa’s grimoires, diaries and bad love fiction about her boyfriend and herself. We looked through them and I am taking them. Maybe they will help. I don’t think I was squeamish about magic, and what I learned tonight is I don’t like being powerless. I have no problem using what I can of demonic magic.


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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 29+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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