I went out last weekend and got a part time job to help offset my lack of working for the government. I got a job at the strip-club called “Artie’s”.

General dance area.

It is a place that caters to the paranormal and they only hire people who can dance and engage with those kind of people. The manager of the place is Mitch Novak, or just “Mitch” said with an eye-rolling screech by the girls when they are annoyed.

Mitch was clear that he doesn’t put up with hooking, or rolling the customers. That is fine with me. He is also fairly standoffish and gruff. We will see how that goes. I don’t think he was so sure about me when I came in, but my shifting ability seemed to please him.

The job is to dance every Saturday night. There are going to be five of us and we will each do a couple of sets. The money is really good, way more than enough to support me out in Mason, rent a hotel one night a week in Austin and pay for my hunting/other work.

There are four other girls.

Roxy, a blue haired, dark skinned elf. She is older, far older than she looks but she acts more motherly to Spike. She tingles, meaning she probably has some magic but nothing too evident.

Chastity, a hedge witch that was concerned about my amnesia. She is skilled mostly in illusions that she uses in her acts. She has a kid and is friendly.

Spike – a very young 19 year old demon girl with small horns, reddish skin and is full of trouble. She is a dom in her other job and dresses in leather and spikes. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. There is nothing intimidating about her, I just want to take her home, feed her milk and cookies and snuggle.

Cherry – an unaging human-like creature with red eyes. She is quiet, doesn’t engage with us and takes customers home at night. There is something about the way she moves that tickles the back of my mind. I am absolutely sure she is a danger and we might be better off if I end her, but I can’t remember.

After her act I did approach Mitch and expressed my concern. Of course he didn’t believe me, I can’t really blame him but it is frustrating. She is a danger, or maybe I am crazy. Either way I am fairly sure this is going to end badly.

I eventually got back to the hotel room and crashed after my first dance set in 18 years (unless I danced with the government, which I doubt).

I will add pictures of the other girls later, there were too many things going on and I never got around to it.

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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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