First Time in Dallas

Well I made my first trip to Dallas, and it was pretty wild. What is even wilder is I can cast lightning, that is fantastic.

First, Mitch asked me the week before if I could take a shift on Fridays for indefinite amount of time, one of the girls quit. It isn’t as well paid, since I need to appear as human, but it is more money and I don’t have anything to do Friday nights anyway. So I told him yes.

Ya, without paranormals it was as trashy and boring as you think.

I then went and visited Piper. We talked a lot about things. He is going to try and help me with the lightning shield/armor. He thinks it might work. He also asked if I could pick something up from him in Dallas. He would pay me $500. It was evidently a hair pin.

Yes, a magical hairpin.

We went to lunch, came back to the store and did some studying and wrapped up the afternoon with some good times with each other. During this I sent Rose some pics of Piper, I think she approved. I told Piper about Rose and he seemed to approve with how smart she was. Maybe I can rub them against each other if she comes out to visit.

After work I headed out to Dallas Sunday morning and arrived outside the biggest walled city I could ever imagine. There were colorful banners hanging around the walls, the food was fantastic and the fact they had fresh fish was amazing.

It was like a real life Disneyland.

While I was there I toured the city, asked a lot of questions and met Helena. Wow, she is a beautiful elven woman who went out with me for a few nights. She told me a lot about her people and what they think like.

Ok, there weren’t any tiny faeries surrounding her.

She is smart, her family is fairly well off. They were higher up, but in the middle. They like to keep themselves anonymous and unnoticed. After what she told me I couldn’t blame her. Elves are absolutely brutal in their court intrigue, which evidently now washes over into Dallas life.

I showed her about myself and she didn’t freak out. We talked, drank and went home to my place the first night, after that we went back to her place. She was a very nice distraction.

The next Friday I went to pick up the hairpin from a very upperclass elf. Unlike Helena he had a penthouse apartment and evidently liked to show off his wealth. Piper said he thought the elf was having a hard time with his own people which is why he is more focused on humans.

I got the hairpin, then went to the Saturday Fey Market. The food, goods and people were amazing there. The Red Order and the Abraxas religion were there as well. Everyone was nice and it was a good way to wrap up my stay. The fact that Mitch was ok with me taking that weekend off was great as well.

The Farmer/Fey Market was fantastic.

So I came home, gave Piper his hairpin, got my money and then went home.

Oh, a weird side note. Evidently there are turkey vultures now being drawn to the well. This worries me a bit. Hunter now has to come by and shoot them when they do arrive. Even Monica thought it was weird.

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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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