Today was both exhausting, and a little bit exhilerating.

First, I finally developed the spell Recall Memory. This means I can recover my actual memories. The disadvantage is I can do it one single sliver at a time. This means it will take years to get back a patchwork quilt of memories, but still limited.. but it is better then nothing.

Second, Piper arranged for me to have an entry level job working with the police. Not as a cop itself, but as a consultant for them. This time it was a missing kid, and her crazy religious father.

At some point the girl’s parents separated. The father is a hardcore religious nut that likes to live off the land. The mother wants some sort of normality for her daughter. This resulted in the normal domestic issues and a divorce and restraining order were put into place.

Evidently a week or two ago the father took the daughter and disappeared, leaving no trace of him or the girl. So the Detective called me and asked me to come in. He seemed skeptical, but he believes Piper when Piper told him I was the best choice. He seems like a nice enough man, but evidently he is normally a homicide detective, so the whole missing person’s gig is a personal debt he owes none other than Pazi. Yes the Red Order girl  I keep flirting with.

She shows up too, evidently her shotgun and herself are ready to rescue the little girl. I think it surprised her I was there. I didn’t realize healers could also shoot people, seems a little schizophrenic to me as an outlook for a healing god, but I am not one to judge.

The spell was simple, the detective had a hair comb and a stuffed animal, the tracking spell lead us out into the desert onto some weird religious nut homestead.

During the drive I noticed how different Pazi’s hair was. To be honest I have never really tried someone of her heritage (african american) hair type. I reached up and touched it and at first she got all in my face about racism, but I think she realized it was me trying to figure out how to mimic that hair and she relaxed and gave me a huge smile. She then let me touch her hair without being annoyed or stopping me.

Just as we arrived at the homestead I readied some spells just in case, but didn’t detect anyone else other than the father and the daughter.

We walked up, the father came out and refused to comply. The father also had a gun, but he didn’t expect I could taser with my lightning and he went down pretty quick. The girl was dressed up like some cult homestead religion and she just broke down crying when she realized she was safe.

She was angry with her father for destroying her pack and her phone, but seemed to really cheer up when Pazi showed up. Evidently they know each other and it was personal. It was cute to see.

We got back to the cop shop and the mother came. They are evidently poor, trying to get by and it was all emotional and shit. Even Pazi was emotional. Meanwhile the detective gave me a $5,000 finder’s fee.

Omg they were just way too fucking emotional. I gave Pazi $1,000 for the church, after all they have helped me a lot. I then followed the mom and daughter out to their piece of shit car and I heard the daughter upset her phone was gone. 

Like an idiot I gave the daughter $2,000 to replace everything, then $2,000 to her mother because they need it… why the fuck do I care even. This job netted me a big ole zero. I know I wouldn’t have cared about shit ten years ago, or even two. Jesus Christ I think Pazi might have saw this too as she just gave me that shit eating grin when I came in.

Afterwards Pazi asked me to take her back, I took her by the wine bar first and we had dinner, talking about everything in general. I then took her home, but right before she left she kissed me on the cheek and mentioned something about not being as quick as me…

I went back to Hunter for a booty call, the come down from a job and a date made him a happy guy.

Fuck that poor ass family, why do I care anyways?

About AGirlUShouldKnow

A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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