I am still working hard at my studies, I suspect that will still be years to come. Right now I am trying to pick up the spell “Recall”. It should allow me to remember things as myself, one sliver of memory at a time. I figure if I am long lived, I have the time.

After that I plan on advancing my body skills. Rose is important to me, and I think Kylo is as well. Both of them are getting older and to be honest I am being selfish and thinking I would like to keep them with me.

Talking about memory I met up with Ruby. She is an old elf, a noble of some sort and much more knowledgeable then I think our team ever understood. She came with me to visit Kylo and talked about our time with the unit. She clucked over us like an old hen, and it felt familiar.

Ruby in action

I also found out we had played around once or twice, but sadly one of those times was drinking elven wine. It resulted in my puking in her crotch… Ya that might be why I have an aversion to that elven stuff.

Also found out that Ruby may care for us (and it might be care greatly and endanger herself level of caring) but she thinks I sleep with horrible creatures and am a horrible slut. She saw a picture of Hunter and pointed out that he was an animal in a human body. She may be partially right about that, but it was awful derogatory. I just smiled at her and told her it was ok, I like fucking animals and then promptly showed her pictures of Benson and Piper.

I feel like I can trust her, it feels real and I am just going to go with it. I have very few allies and I need to expand who I can rely on if I am going to get retribution, and build up my own power base. You can’t do it alone, and I got burned doing it with people just based on their skills.

While talking to Ruby I did find out one other option about longevity and the people I care about. Evidently the greek apples and immortality myth might have some truth. The Red Order evidently has a farm or something that grows them, I still would need to work on making them younger since it didn’t make people younger, it just froze them in time.

So I stopped by, visited with that cute girl who is a priestess for the Red Order, the one that has helped Kylo and myself and asked her if they can be purchased. She didn’t think so, but I let her know I would also be willing to work for two apples. She said she would ask, but she was pretty sure it was still no. She mentioned something about signing up I think, I would consider it but I am still a little sore about the last group I signed up with so I am not sure about that option.

Oh, and I asked her out, showed her I could shapeshift and left her my card. Not my smoothest pickup, but I was tired and she didn’t say no. Evidently it wasn’t that bad, so we will see where it goes.

Finally I got back to Hunter’s and we talked about relationships, and about Ruby. I told him I am going to leave him my condo if something happens. I figure I only have the people here and Rose, and Rose would probably want the house… or maybe I will ask Hunter if he would rather have the house in Mason. Then give the condo to Rose.

Other than that we just connected, were intimate and had dinner. I moved some underwear and socks into the sock drawer and he laughed. That is a good sign. Also I think he was amazed at having butt sex with someone who isn’t worried about him. Not sure if its me, or if its what I feel on him but either way I feel like I trust him.

Or maybe I am an idiot.



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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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