I only see the memories from the outside

I am not sure how much of this to write down, the good news is I learned my ancient history spell (will post about that later), the bad news is what I remember.

The basic situation is I graduated from MIT with my double degrees, was recruited into what is now known as the Execution Squad. At that time it truly was a defensive team used to stop incursions before we knew what the magic coming back meant.

Our commander was a good man, he was loyal to his team and took care of us. Under his direction I learned fire magic, along with light and dark spells. Evidently my training was hampered by whoever actually trained me. I was given spellwork by rote, with big gaps.

The fact I learned all three schools threatened them evidently. The fire was self-explanatory, they wanted me to burn things, while the light and dark was primarily used to conceal and camouflage my team.

Things were good for several years. I earned good money, did real work and I get the impression it was mostly positive. During that time I dated a few people in the unit (well, I mean I fucked them, not sure dating works as the right word). One of them, the second in command took over the unit when our leader retired.

That is where everything changed.

It was about this point that the government wanted to watch their pocketbooks, so we started taking more and more “off the book” jobs that are new leader (I shall name him D-Bag here) and his new second in command were fond of. Yes, I ended up sleeping with both of them regularly.

It was also at this time that a new recruit, a man  named Kylo who joined the unit. A Ranger with all those skills. He was part of the group as well (and yes we slept together as well, evidently Rose is right and I am a total slut).

Our jobs became more and more off the books until we eventually left the government and did black operations full time. The big advantage is we were rich. We got paid huge amounts of money, including me owning several homes (one in the Hamptons) along with fancy cars (I guess I had a Shelby GT special, plus numerous other cars).

This was great, the bank account was huge but our jobs become more and more problematic. Eventually Ruby, our elf healer disappeared one night. She was sick and tired of what was happening and bailed. We never found out where she went.

The jobs got worse and worse and eventually Kylo quit. He told D-bag and his assistant that he was out. The next morning we saw Kylo’s personal stuff was gone, but he never said goodbye to me. He also never did anything with his long term valuables such as his house. That bothered me a lot. In addition the jobs were starting to weigh on me and I knew my time was limited doing this.

I prepared to leave. I knew they would want to stop their mage from leaving. They relied on my firepower and stealth to keep the team safe. So I talked with an accountant in Austin and worked with him closely to move my wealth quietly. Before the shit really hit the fan I was able to buy two houses and a wine bar, along with a new F-150 truck fully loaded and backups of my equipment/spell library.

During what would be my last mission with the team we were assigned to put a hit out on someone. I was never told who our targets were, and honestly most of the time it isn’t important. People don’t pay big money to erase other people who are nice. However this time it was a family home and there were children’s bikes outside the house. I was sure that the kids were inside.

D-bag and his assistant didn’t care when I brought that up. They told me to burn the whole house and we were getting paid for this result. This is where I fucked up. Instead of just keeping quiet and accelerating my leaving plans I told them no. No fucking way am I going to burn up children, not for all the money in the fucking world. I evidently lost my shit on them.

They secured me, burned the house anyways. I knew I was heading for a shallow grave so I told them I still cared for them, we fucked and I did everything I could to ask to be released. I was fortunate, they agreed to let me go. I couldn’t take any of my possessions, but they did cash me out with the $75k. What I didn’t know is they wanted my memories. they stripped my mind of all my memories, they jacked my magic up and dumped me in Austin. 

So here I am in Austin. I found the accountant and found out he has been looking for me. Evidently Ruby was having him try to find me (it turns out he is also Ruby’s accountant, and helped her leave with everything). Piper didn’t realize it was me they were looking for, they had said a 47 year old woman was who they wanted, and I appear in my late 20s.

Turns out I am immortal, or close enough. I kept up my age/appearance with the team so I didn’t upset them (they hate non-humans… and I mean a lot). I guess that is a good thing. Now I am trying to figure out how to keep Rose going. I didn’t realize we were getting this old and she is my sister, I have to take care of her.

Oh, and don’t doubt I haven’t forgotten that D-bag and the rest screwed me out of my fortune, and screwed my friend Kylo (who I am working with trying to work on memories). I will get my revenge on them. I am patient, I have time.

About AGirlUShouldKnow

A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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