Lightning Armor

I was visiting Piper last week and he  surprised me with something, a scroll that dealt with a mage’s research into lightning armor. Don’t get me wrong, neither of us know how reliable this information is, but its something new and I think it can help a lot.

The manuscript contains an image of a person, utilizing chakra points and is written in Hebrew. Piper was nice enough to identify what it said, but this is going to take more research to figure out if I can get it to work.

The loose translation:

Lightning Armor
“This is a combination of air and sky.
To summon lightening to yourself, and then allow it to dance around your body without coming to harm.
Start with Air Jet. That spell can hold a small piece of silk.
Do not attempt to do use lightning until you can reliably dance the small piece of silk around your body without thought.
Once you can do that, you may try with lightning.
Summon the lightning to a spot just in front of your hands. Then, as if you were holding a ball of air, keep it hovering there.
Once you can hover the ball in front of you with ease, then attempt to move the lightning as if you were pushing a small ball of air.
Try to move it back and forth in front of you.
Once you can do that, then try to bring it closer to your hands. Once you can bring it in close to you, dance it around your arms.”  

I seemed to have already started this process by starting with air jet on my own. This gives me hope that I will be able to maybe follow these suggestions with some sort of expediency. Piper said he would help. I think between us we will get this done.

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