Carved Elven Phallus

Things have gotten interesting fast. So interesting I have been distracted and not writing instead.

I talked with Rose about everything I know. I just laid it all out, my worries, all the history I could remember, the people I am around and what is happening. She got so worried for my safety she kept asking me if I would consider coming to her. I explained I am fine, I need to be here.

She also recommended if I am interested in Sheriff Hunter to let myself appear older and let him approach me. Evidently he is a lot like the types of guys I dated when I was with the EU (Executioner Unit). The funny part is she is right. All last week I appeared in my mid thirties, with just a few colorful touches and Hunter talked to me more and seemed more at ease.

I also told Rose about where I supposedly get the magic from and she was really curious. She in turn told me about her cybernetic stuff, and that she is working with a neurologist who might have something to help with memories, although until they can arrange that she suggests keep going with the spells. However, it is nice to know if I lose a limb she might be able to fix me. Also I might see if she can hook me up with her friend for a cyber camera.

Her stuff looks like this.

We wrapped up and I spent the rest of the week studying magic and practicing my shapeshifting. It is coming a lot easier (and I surprised Rose with how well it went). I don’t think I did much with that ability before, this seems new, and really exciting. Sadly I haven’t gotten anything off the magic well yet, but that will come.

I finally got to Piper’s at the bookstore. He asked if I would do a job for him for money and I agreed. He seemed awkward about the job and when he told me I understood why. He wanted me to pick up a magic artifact from what would later be an artificer. It was a carved penis.

The purpose of the artifact is to wipe all spells and wards that are on the person. Evidently it was created by elves to be used on their mistresses/concubines/lovers. They were so paranoid about assassins, or spy magic that they required all of those women (and maybe men) to be fucked by the magic penis… yes I said that, magic penis fucking.

So I told Piper of course I would do that for him. He has really gone out of his way for me, he is cute, and he seems to be a friend. This is a simple job for $500. Just drive up, pick up a package and come back.

I drove up to the nicest area I have seen in Austin. It was beautiful. The artificer’s house was HUGE, and he had a herd of almost panther sized familiars… FAMILIARS!!!! I need one of those, it might help a lot. So that will be something to investigate. Either way, I need to start making more money, I need to buy a nice place.

It was a beautiful place

I arrived at the place, was taken to the artificer who was a older fat skeevy guy that was perving on me the second he saw me. That is ok, I was all sexy around him and for a second I thought he was going to ask me to stay, but I got out of there with the package.

I drove back towards Piper and pulled over on the side of the road. I called Rose and asked if I should consider using it. I wasn’t sure if maybe it would help with the magic damage I took. Rose kind of snapped me out of it and told me to wait until I got back and was safe. She is right of course, I just desperately want this cloudy memory to go away.

I arrived back at the store and handed over the carving. He opened it and showed me and it was HUGE. We are talking livestock sized. I feel so bad for the elf girls (boys?) who had to use it. Elves are generally small and that seems way too big.

Fortunately I can adjust to any size.

When I explained I thought it was that guy who made the phallus, he told me he thinks that guy is probably an elf, just wearing a disguise so people don’t realize it since the phallus is of elven make. Hmm, I wonder what sex is like with an elf, are they going to get winded too easily.

This is where I became the awkward person. I asked him if I could use it. I figured it was safe here, and maybe it would help. He seemed surprised and shy, but agreed so we went up to where he sleeps above the store.

I laid on the bed and he used it on me. I hadn’t intended for him to help, I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. I just thought maybe he could watch out for me. However he got involved and he was pretty good with his mouth and the phallus. I shifted myself so it would not be uncomfortable and honestly it felt really nice. It also did work, evidently there was a spell inlaid in me deeply and Piper saw it get broken. I am glad Rose convinced me it was ok to do this.

So Piper and I talked for awhile, then I asked if I could repay the favor. After all he gave me an orgasm, that would be rude to not follow up one for him. Plus he is attractive and I like him. After a couple of moments of silence he agreed and we fucked for a couple of hours.

The lines that run across his body jump and move around based on his movements, libido and how close he gets. I gave him a blow job, then fucked him. He had bounced back really quick, quite a surprise compared to Benson who is great, but is only good for a single time.

The best part was after we laid there for awhile, working out boundaries (neither of us wants to date, but we both like each other so it sounds like Friends With Benefits). He asked me tentatively if he could put it in my butt. He was so fucking cute when he asked. How could I say no, plus I like butt play so it works for me. So we spent some additional time having butt sex and talking.

I need to mark August as my favorite month.

It sounds like he may have work on and off in the future, he is more than willing to get me whatever study materials I need (including books on power wells, and ley lines) and just talk with me. He also said he is good for sex, as long as I understand he is married to his work. I reassured him I am married to my work, and I don’t do monogamy so we both smiled and I headed out from there.

So now here I am getting ready to dance, I probably get to see Benson later tonight and show him my Goat girl form, or maybe the troll girl form. I think he will like both. Either way, strange carved elven penises are still pretty hot.

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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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