Cy’s Run

I got a call at 5am at my hotel room in Austin from Monica. Monica from the Red Door Inn, in Mason. It was a large surprise, but I could tell the second I heard her voice that she was upset.

5 am is bullshit!

She explained to me that her god daughter Cy was in trouble. Cy is a banshee, an elven variant that is very emaciated in appearance and who can possibly kill someone with their voice. Evidently the legends of Banshee are partially right, but instead of foretelling death, they are death.

Monica didn’t know exactly what happened, but it involved Cy being attacked and somehow killed the human that attacked her. The Austin Defense Force was looking for her, and they are reputed to be kill on sight kind of people, so she gave me the flop-house address of where Cy was staying and asked if I could bring her home to Monica and Brent.

She was scared of what was going to happen to Cy, she was scared that I would say no, and I even got the feeling she might be a little bit anxious that I might say yes. My being an “Executioner” evidently carries a lot of baggage for non-humans. However, she thought I might be the only one she knew with the skills to get Cy out of Austin and back to Mason. Monica is too sweet and I couldn’t say no. I agreed immediately that I would get her home.

I got dressed, slipped into my vehicle and drove over. The flop-house was an abandoned house in a run down part of the non-human area of Austin. I made sure my pistol and rifle were loaded. I didn’t anticipate needing them, but the last thing I would want to happen is to need them and not have them handy.

I got out of the vehicle, walked up to the flop house and just knocked loudly. A large troll like guy came out and refused to let me in. He was young, a bit nervous but very protective over those inside. It took some convincing but eventually he told Cy I was there, and in my hearing she called Monica to confirm.

I had to show them I could shift my looks a bit to prove who I was, but they still wouldn’t let me in. So I waited until Cy left the house. She is tall, very slender, white haired wearing jeans, t-shirt and boots that look way too big for her. We introduced each other and headed back to the car. As I left I could hear the troll telling the people inside he didn’t think I was a bad person, evidently he likes my “assets”. He was cute enough though.


Cy briefly explained what happened. She went out with a friend of her’s who was on a date. Her friend’s date brought another friend and it was that awkward four person arrangement when two people are dating and walk off, leaving the two people that don’t know each other sitting there.

The human male evidently pushed Cy to go back to his room, or go out somewhere else. She didn’t want to do that and told him no. He pushed her, she punched him and he attacked with his friends. The typical sexual harassment/assault situation. Except this time the victim has the ability to kill people with a shriek, which she did. She then ran back to her college dorm, grabbed her stuff and ran.

I reassured her that she did nothing wrong, the humans deserved it. Unfortunately Austin Defense Force won’t see it that way. Her best bet would be jail forever, but they would probably kill her while apprehending her. After all, they would consider her too dangerous to allow to roam.

I also told her about myself, that way there would be no surprises later. She was a bit alarmed at first, but seemed to agree that I probably had the skills to take care of her. I talked her for a while before we left. It felt like trying to calm a deer. She recovered soon enough that and we left.

I had her hide herself in the back of my vehicle, she was able to fold herself up with her skinny body and hide. We passed the checkpoint with no issues at all and I headed south towards Houston. We drove several miles south before I stopped and had her go into the store with me to get food/drinks.

With her not being in my car when I left the checkpoint, I can say that I picked her up hitchhiking on the Red Road and took her the Houston. The footage at the store should support that.

We then took the back way around to the Houston/Mason road and drove her to her new home. There we met up with Monica, Brent and Sheriff Hunter. They all asked her questions, and all accepted her story and her place here. I had suggested she might be able to take Virginia’s position. After all she is an art student and the owner is looking to find someone to give the place to.

After that, Sheriff Hunter and I walked over to Nachos so he could buy me something to drink. He was a Texas Ranger back in the day and I was good, I resisted any urge to call him Chuck Norris. I told him where I am from and what I do. I flirted a little with him and we called it a day after a 17 year old kid wanted to know if the Sheriff could arrest one of their other friends, some sort of teenage fight.

Rough image of Sheriff Hunter.

Although everyone in the town is still a bit standoffish. Monica said that is my “executioner” past and that everyone will get over it.

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A middle-aged transgender gamer woman who grew up so poor it was only po. Who works in a white-collar job, graduating late in life. The most important part is I am married 30+ years to a wonderful husband and I have a pretty cool one-eyed cat named Tally the Pirate Queen (or Bitchy Princess depending on her day).
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